Shard Of Yggdrassil

Shard of Yggdrassil is a legendary javelin that originates from Asgard.

Centuries ago, Merlin endeavoured to close the portals to the various domains of the ancient gods and was successful in his task. Most recently, the world of the bloodthirsty Aztec gods was sealed in the Valley of Mexico following the fall of their worshippers at the hands of the Spanish, an event subtly orchestrated by the old wizard. So too, were the lands of the Greek and Egyptian gods, among many others. The Norse Asgard was also thought to be sealed this way, but not so. This much is believed by Merlin, though this is merely a trick played on him by one of the few, immortal or otherwise, that could match wits with him; Loki. Since then, Norse gods have been able to secretly slide in and out of Midgard more or less freely, but in absolute secrecy lest they attract the wizard's attention.

It is at the edge of this realm that the great world tree, Yggdrassil grows. Its roots reach deep into nine worlds associated with the Vikings, including Midgard, Asgard, and Hell. It naturally contains a variety of powerful magics, good, evil and otherwise in its eternally ancient trunk, branches and leaves. It is soaked in the blood of Odin, the most powerful and wise of Norse gods.

It is from this tree that the Shard of Yggdrassil was obtained. It was cut from one of its branches by Skadi, goddess of the winter and brought to Earth by Sleipnir, steed of Odin. It was presented to Kharim Al'khmrahe Haatr of the Hashshashin by Woden Käsebringer in his human form in 2007 after a Los Angeles bar brawl both of them were involved in started by werewolves as a 'gift from Valhalla'.

The shard of Yggdrassil contains potent life magicks as it was taken from the sacred world tree. It feels cold to the touch, and freezes anything around the area it pierces thanks to Skadi's blessing. When thrown, it seems to correct any inaccuracies the thrower makes and always strikes true.

In 2011, the shard of Yggdrassil delivered final death to Dracula. Unlike the vampire lord's previous death, this appears to have been permanent, destroying all vampires in the process.