Shinryo the Damned

A Katana Soul active in ancient times. Whilst posted on spirit-hunting detail in Anatolia, Shinryo was alerted to a sudden lurch of souls towards hell very nearby. He sprung into action and came face to face with a Myrmidon, covered in fresh blood and wielding a pitch black sword. After a savage battle the Greek was felled and Shinryo took the sword. His prey was resuscitated and dumped in a prison universe. Shinryo returned to his duties weilding the sword.

Alas, the corruption of vengeance worked quickly and even a pure agent of heaven such as Shinryo was corrupted in short order. He gave up fighting demons and spirits and went his own way in the world. He began to thirst for power, more and more as time went by. He could not take all of vengeance's corruption, however, as part of it had already been absorbed by the Myrmidon who was now shut away from him in the prison realm - a cruel irony.

These days Shinryo lies in wait, plotting and insane, waiting for the Greek warrior to be released from his holding or even better, finding a new way in. Vengeance was lost from his hand eons ago, seized in some forgotten fight or bargained away for sorcerous knowledge. His only wish now is to take what is his - he must find Solon the Myrmidon and drink from his soul.