Shrekes are a species of xenoform. They are tall(about 7 feet on average) but slender, with dark blue skin and red eyes. They have long thin horns which are quite delicate and cause them considerable pain if broken, comparable to a man being kicked in the testicles. They are extraordinarily intelligent; each member of the race is easily a genius by human standards. Physically, they are slightly faster than humans, but weaker and more fragile.

Shrekes are not a numerous race; occultists estimate that there are maybe 5000 of them in existance. They evolved on a world called Shrekra with two other xenoform races, both of humanlike intelligence. The Shrekes established themselves as the sorcerer-noble caste, forcing the other two races into the roles of a worker caste and a warrior caste.

Shrekes made great discoveries in magick, particularly in the field of portal magick; opening a wide variety of parallel universes which they raided for slaves, treasure and magickal knowledge and artifacts.

Later, fighting between noble families led to the losing families fleeing or being exiled to other parallel worlds, often using their magickal prowess to forge kingdoms for themselves. There are now families of Shreke nobles scattered all across the multiverse, often ruling over other species.

Shrekra itself is home to about three thousand Shrekes, ruled by King Adia Kanash-Kar; a genius even by Shreke standards and an accomplished wizard.

Earth has three resident Shreke families; the Utashs, the Vanichs and the Yatra-Tors. The Utashs are led by Duke Gara Utash and are significant figures in the London occult community, running a thriving business buying and selling rituals and artifacts. The Vanichs, led by Count Utha Vanich run much of organized crime in South America. The Yatra-Tors are based in Paris.

In 2004, Count Baxor Yatra-Tor attempted to take control of the French Government by hypnotizing the President. The Agency intervened and went to war against the Shreke family and their minions. Count Baxor's daughter, Ulich, killed him, tooking his place as head of the family and negotiated a peace treaty with the Agency. Subsequently, the Yatra-Tors have been keeping a low profile.

Political weddings are the norm amongst shrekes. In fact, they rarely marry for love. Their hierarchies favour power, money, influence and assertion over gender. Shrekes will marry into a different house and take their name whether it is a male or female marrying in. Both can have multiple spouses, however, there may only be one of one sex in each marriage. For example, a male can have multiple wives, and a female can have multiple husbands, but then both cannot be married. The man or woman with the many spouses is always necessarily the dominant family head. These 'marriages' also serve as reproductive unions as is common in other species. Incest and inbreeding are also common amongst Shrekes, who believe it is a positive thing to keep their bloodlines 'pure'.