Silke Weiß

Silke Weiß is a Time Agent for Hiroshima Aruki chrono Soldiers (HACS). She is an agile swordswoman and enemy of the Time Nazis.

Silke Weiß is HACS' most potent tool against the Time Nazis. She is a genetically modified time agent aided by psychic powers and bionics.

Genetic Makeup

Silke's genes and DNA have been built from the ground up, sampling patterns from Japan's most ancient Ninja clans, as well as all of the aesthetics of the Ayran ideals considered mighty and pure amongst the time nazis. She also has artificial modifications that strengthen her ability to time travel. In order to perform her role, her age has been acellerated slightly beyond what is normal for a HACS agent.


Silke is naturally agile and strong like few other humans. Her acrobatic maneuvers in combat and chase are legendary. She is a master of charm, deceit and intimidation and dances around all but most experienced diplomats in conversational combat. If she really needs to turn up the social heat, Silke will often drown her target in alcohol as they try and keep up with her, as her stomach is fitted with an ethanol neutralizing unit. She is trained with the use of firearms, but with her molecular rapier in hand she is a deadly and furious adversary. Her eyes have been replaced by bionics similar to that of Kaori Tamakeri, though she is unable to read thermal or spectral subharmonics since do do so would require hot red filters in the bionic irises to make a violet color rather than the desired blue color. Silke manifests the ability to communicate telepathically. She speaks Japanese and German perfectly, and English and French with a heavy German accent, though any language is within her grasp thanks to Dr. Strom's language cleaner.


Silke was bred and trained to infiltrate the SS Zeitkommando, a ruthless organisation hell-bent on resurrecting Adolf Hitler and enforcing the purity of the human race. She acts as a double agent and stalks their ranks, sabotaging some of the despicable and atrocious assignments they send their dispatch teams onto. She has risen to the rank of lieutenant due to her unmistakable talent, but has refused offers of further promotion citing that she prefers to be 'in the thick of action'. She is frequently courted by the She-Wolves of the SS Zeitkommando and even the Stromhammaren for membership, but she vehemently refuses.