Silver Canisters

A mysterious and perplexing phenomenon know of by many time agencies including Department T of British Military Intelligence, SS Zeitkommando , The Soviet Institute of Time Manipulationand reputedly, Chrono-Force Elite.

A report made by the Charlesworthy Foundation For Advanced Scientific Development reads as follows:

“The object, as measured with the greatest precision we could achieve, has, remarkably, the form of a geometrically perfect cylinder completely devoid of any marking or surface imperfection and exact metric dimensions of 1m in height and 0.25m in diameter. The mass, curiously, while sharing the same metric exactness, in this case to the decigram, is 3.1864kg, a value we do not understand the significance of. On visual inspection the object appears to be made from a highly polished silver metal, akin to silver or steel. The material however defies identification; even absorbing and emitting EM radiation at all frequencies. The material appears to be indestructible and unalterable. All attempts to penetrate or even mark the object have proved futile leading both myself and my team to suspect that the object may be under the Paradoxical Protection Effect … Further experimentation and analysis, using all available methods (see Section 3.2), has only thus far yielded results in the same vein, i.e. the object defies all attempts to discover the nature of its composition or structure and remains entirely unalterable.”

These cylinders have appeared throughout both meta and real time, their origin or purpose have yet to be discovered.