Sir James Charlesworthy

Son of the wealthy baronet George Charlesworthy, James was born into a life of privilege. His father however was very distant and secretive while James was growing up, devoting a lot of time to administering the Charlesworthy Foundation for Advanced Scientific Development, and his mother died when he was young.

James studied at Harrow then went onto Cambridge were he studied sciences. Following the family tradition of military service he then went on to Sandhurst and then, through family connections no doubt, acquired what can only be described as an extremely cushy posting in the Royal Corps of Signals. He also served in various wars.

Upon learning of his fathers somewhat untimely death in a road accident, James inherited the Charlesworthy baronetcy and retired from the forces at the rank of Lieutenant.

Upon returning home Sir Jim was approached by Mr Stephens, his father’s venerable retainer who explained that the true purpose of the Charlesworthy Foundation for Advanced Scientific Development was research into the occult and that Charlesworthy men had been involved in the study of the occult for generations. Sir Jim was then lead for the first time through the secret door in the library into the basement of the Charlesworthy ancestral manor where he was somewhat shocked to find a veritable Q Branch was nestled under his traditional family home.

Sir Jim, not wanting to let his father down, immersed himself in study of the Charlesworthy Foundations reasonably extensive library and soon became a veritable loremaster.

Sir Jim and the Charlesworthy Foundation are a staunchly patriotic organisation. They will act to protect British interests before the interests of humanity in general and are chiefly interested in maintaining the status quo as well as advancing there own knowledge, although Sir Jim operates a traditional gentleman’s code preferring only to use violence after other options have been exhausted.

Sir Jim has found that the Charlesworthy name carries a lot of weight within British government circles and has connections within various Government departments, notably the Foreign Office and associated security services (i.e. MI6). Sir Jim is nominally listed as a diplomatic courier, and therefore enjoys the ability to transport diplomatic baggage, and is protected by diplomatic immunity. He is therefore, for example, entitled to display diplomatic plates on his car.

In 2009, Sir Jim worked quite closely with The Agency on a number of occasions, discovering, in the process, the true identity of Alpha and discovering that their grandfathers had served together during the First World War.