Sir Mitch Reginald

In the Jamaican town of Port Royal at the height of the scramble for the Carribean, a son was born to British Navy Lieutenant James Reginald, and his wife Charlotte. The boy was named Mitch, and as his father was gradually promoted to Commodore he had a shining career ahead of him following his father's footsteps into the navy. Upon reaching 18, Mitch was inducted into the navy as a Midshipman and was 'legitimately promoted' through the ranks until he reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander at 22. Since the age of thirteen he had been close friends with a girl called Daisy, and since they were 15, lovers. Upon his promotion, he took his pay bonus and headed for the finest jeweler in town to commission an engagement ring, for soon he would marry. At the jewelsmith's, he came to find the jeweller dead on the floor and one of his new subordinates examining the scene and writing notes in a ledger. At that moment, he forgot all about getting engaged and joined the man, Gabriel in his investigation. Over the next week of working together, he became infatuated with him, fighting his feelings and established ideas of the world until Gabriel told him that he too had the same feelings.

The two became secret lovers, meeting at night to avoid the ire of those who would not understand. Mitch was insatiable for this new sort of love, a kind he could never have imagined, so much so that over the course of a few months he had neglected Daisy to the point of her leaving him. He didn't care, he was feverishly in love with another. He would sometimes let Gabriel gently sip his blood through the tiniest hole made by his teeth, though he didn't quite understand why he enjoyed it. They eventually tracked the murderer down - none other than the infamous dread pirate Captain Henry Morgan. He was about to leave port, and there was no time to waste. Mitch and a few men stowed away on his ship and sprang an attack, only to be butchered single-handedly by the captain. Mitch himself was run through and booted over the side, left for dead.

Mitch woke up on the shore of Jamaica, not quite believing that he was alive. He checked his chest for the hole made by Morgan's sword. Nothing. Not even a single cut or bruise on his body. He staggered to the nearest town and demanded passage to Port Royal. He commandeered a horse and made his way back home to find Gabriel holding his lover, Daisy. Mitch was confused and upset, but even more so when Gabriel clicked his fingers and released him from the potent yet subtle mind control he had been holding him under. In his moment of realization, the vampire took a knife and slit her throat. He threw her to the floor and fell about laughing with sadistic glee. In his anger and despair, Mitch took his blade and struck him down. He dragged Daisy's body away to prepare it for a hasty burial at sea, but not before sucking out every last drop of blood from her wound. He knew not why, merely that it made him feel empowered.

Now that his sweetheart's death has been avenged, or so he thought, he set about avenging his own death. He followed Morgan's trail around the Caribbean being foiled at critical moments, but found his opportunity on a visit to London in 1688. There he infected the captain with a tortuous supernatural disease and remained in London in order to get away from his former life. News reached him a month later that Captain Morgan had died of Tuberculosis.

It was not long before he learned the nature of his disease. Well, not long for vampires anyway. He could not fathom why he did not age or get sick, or why he could scarcely bear to go out in the day, why he couldn't eat garlic and so on. He concluded his urge to drink blood kept him alive but also prolonged his curse. After receiving a mysterious letter in 1722 telling him to meet in Dover, he learned from another vampire what he was, and the extent of the changes. He was also invited to join Dracula in his greater plan and be reunited with Iago. This idea filling him with utter disgust, he declined and was attacked by the stranger. Mitch's swordplay had improved over the last sixty years and he won handily. On that day he swore to use his abilities for the good of mankind, and to oppose Dracula until one of them is dead.

Mitch would spend his time collaborating with sorcerers and monster hunters rooting out ways to stymie Dracula. He would also pick up and investigate reports of rogue vampires, hunting them down and giving them the choice of joining him against Dracula, or to be put down by his sword. Many chose death, but some sought salvation and adopted his doctrine, training themselves to regain their humanity. He called this group the Council of Free Vampires. It was nearly 160 years before he and his society found themselves a promising team of monster hunters, intent on also killing Dracula. He donated a large amount of his money to Lord Goldaming, who was able to use the money to help Van Helsing and the Harkers hunt down Dracula.

His purpose fulfilled, he turned his attention more to the lost vampires in the world. Over the 20th and 21st centuries he has expanded his group to include people such as Ethan Blackwood, Alice Allard and Ringo Star. When Prince Phillip was inducted, it was also made a Royal Council, albeit in name only. He uses his resources to help those vampires who are lost and alone, giving them peace either through words or swords. Vampires who are identified by this group are given more credit by other occult groups than any others, even though if in some cases it is merely the fact that they are willing to call truces to fight a more serious threat.

Mitch teaches that while you must maintain your humanity, no good will come from denying the vampire in you. Members of the society are permitted to drink human blood and are encouraged to do so frequently in small amounts as a display of their discipline and restraint, but also to show that they are not ashamed of their vampirism. Members are not allowed to knowingly sire other vampires except in case of direst emergency. Mitch considers the holy grail of his research and work to be the removal of the inherent damnation of the soul that vampirism brings, no matter how virtuous one is. Only then can he join his true love in heaven.