Sky Dragon Satellite

High above the Industocracy, far above even the sky, lurk the Sky Dragons. These are satellites locked in a geostationary orbit over what was once China, and where Industrial O'M keep the waste and decay products given up by the use of theton-based time travel. IOM believe firmly in waste not want not, however, and it just happens that these theton-associated products can be used to make a deadly and unethical weapon. This satellite is able to fire 'phase packets' at any chosen location within range onto the Earth's surface, which work just like IOM's smaller, robot mounted phase generators they employ on the battlefield. The Sky Dragons, however are capable of delivering a much larger payload and are in little danger of running out of Ammo. The downside of this is that it is much harder to aim, being a satellite. Sophisticated targetting matricies have been developed for use between both the satellite itself and the point where the order is given.

Of course, the bloated beurocracy of IOM once again proves its weakness. Whilst the various units and computers and the codes that are used to fire and direct the sky dragons are often entrusted only to both the most trustworthy and capable, however, the most capable hackers are also able to take control of these satellites. Whenever a blatant misuse of these satellites takes place, various people are yelled at by the chairman, who yell at their subordinates and blame anyone and everyone else, until the whole debarcle has been dispersed into the lower ranks of the corp and is generally forgotten about. Furthermore, those who might have anything to do with actually fixing the problem would never be allowed to work on anything so delicate and dangerous as the Sky Dragon.

For those privaleged enough to be able to have a Sky Dragon controller device or have access to one of the high executive offices in the main building in Shanghai, AND who know the firing codes, or indeed very accomplished hackers, here are the rules for its use in OAGS:

A character must know ahead of time if they are going to fire the Sky Dragon so they can order it to move to the desired location, or at least fight in a place where the sky dragon is already situated. These tend to be over apparently weak points in the Industocracy's defense. Also, they must be able to see that target in order to ascertain any measurments and factors that may influence the aim. They must then roll an intelligence check at difficulty 4 to activate it, then another one and fire it:

Intelligence Check Result
0 or less You've Ruined Everything!
1 System Lock
2, 3 Bad command or filename
4 Woah!
5, 6 Kaboom!
7, 8 Massive Implosion!
9, 10 Pinpoint Singularity!

Except in the case of pinpoint singularity, successful firings render the satellite unable to fire again for five minutes as its solar fins recharge the mechanism. If you're standing at the epicenter of a Sky Dragon payload, you are crushed mercilessly and reduced to your composite atoms no matter how tough or well armored you are.

You've Ruined Everything!: Your corporate piggery or criminal hacking schemes have really done it now! The sky dragon fires a pile of crumbling singularity on your exact location. You die. Everyone within 20 feet of you dies. Whatever building, tank or airplaine you're in crumples in on itself and crashes down as it implodes violently. This is considered a conventional payload.
System Lock: You are too stupid, inexperienced, drunk, or crazy to use this device, or it has detected that you have no business using it. The satellite locks down completely, the terminal you're accessing delf-destructs, and the satellite cannot fire until someone physically goes up there and resets it.
Bad command or filename: You've made a typo or something similar and are prompted to try again. You've wasted your combat action, but at least you're not dead.
Woah!: A conventional phase payload comes down, but slightly too close for comfort. You remain undamaged, but a large area implosion occurs with its edge but 5 feet away from you, in the direction of your target. If your target was within that area anyway, lucky you! He's dead!
Kaboom!: Success! Your target and anything within a large area is hit with a conventional phase payload.
Massive Implosion!: A massive payload successfully hits the target. You may downgrade this to a Kaboom! If you wish.
Pinpoint Singularity!: Utilizing your godlike intelligence, you use the minimum amount of power and materials to deliver a massive payload as per Massive Implosion! And may attempt to fire again in the next round. If a successful firing attempt is made next round, its result is capped at 5.

Conventional Payload: Conventional Payloads fill a large area and kill whatever is at its epicenter no matter what. It kills anyone in its radius with a soak of less than 6, or with sufficient amounts of dense materials between them and the epicenter. A conventional payload simply does not have enough power to crush anyone with a toughness of 6 or more, but will damage them by half their hit points and ignore soak.
Massive Payload: Massive payloads fill a massive area and whatever is at its epicenter no matter what. It kills anyone in its radius with a soak of less than 10.A conventional payload does not have enough power to crush anyone with a toughness of 9 or more, but will damage them by half their hit points and ignore soak.