Smith and Smith

Smith and Smith are a firm of assassins. Founded in 1956 by Doctor James Smith and Sir Alexander Smith(no relation), it quickly rose to promenance within the field owing to the considerable talents of its founders. Currently, Smith and Smith are widely recognized in the occult community as the best assassins in the world.

For the most part, when taking on a contract, Smith and Smith subcontracts one of the many talented free-lance assassins on its books. More difficult targets sometimes require the attention of a hand-picked team of assassins. Only the most well protected of targets require the attentions of one of the firm's in-house "artists" and of those, only those of startlingly massive resources and paranoia necessitate the attentions of one or both of the named partners.

Any target who successfully neutralizes a Smith and Smith "artist" is sent a letter of congratulations on accomplishing that extraordinarily difficult task. This is not to say Smith and Smith will then cancel the contract; they're quaint, not stupid.

They do not accept contracts on:

  • People under the age of 21.
  • Members of the Royal Family
  • Pregnant women