Spiritual Anomoly

A spiritual anomoly is a rare being who bends or breaks the usual laws of spiritual constrainments. These are most often aura confusions, but even those can have deep-reaching connotations.

Known Anomolous Beings

Loken - A norse god, a soul eater, magickally altered to sin, a frequent visitor to hell and none would be suprised if he hadn't skipped around the timeline a little bit. Regardless, his aura reads red like a xenoform. He has the unique ability to step to Asgard from wherever he is, and then from Asgard to wherever takes his mead-soaked fancy. These places include heaven and hell, places not normally accessible to those other than the dead.

"Paddy O'Brian" - Paddy O'Brian is a being with a number of supernatural abilities. He claims to be the "incarnate spirit of Ireland", but most occultist who are aware of him believe him(or possibly his species, if there are others like him) to be the source of the leprechaun myth. His aura reads green, as though he were a werewolf or dragon.

Takeru Hikarino - A genetically modified, magickally altered psychic sorceror. Is able to project an aura of true faith, though he considers God to be one of his enemies. Rumors abound that he has the ability to project a golden angelic aura with ritualistic preparation, but these are unconfirmed.

Aspects of YHWH - Have golden streaks in their auras. The meaning of this is unknown.

Apollyon - Is in no way a being of darkness, despite his pacts with Kronus and Lucifer and the atrocity that is his sword.