SS Zeitkommando [Time Nazis]


According to Julius Evola, writing in 1934, the Atlanteans were Hyperboreans, Nordic supermen, who originated on the North Pole. In 1938, SS Officer Heinrich Himmler organised a search in Tibet to find a remnant of the Aryan Atlanteans. What he instead found was a single tome of debatable origin detailing a supposed occult method of time travel. Himmler took this back to Berlin whereupon it was studied by some of the finest occult and scientific minds of the time. Eventually, with the help of Das Hexengruppen, an Aryan witch’s coven, the Nazis eventually managed to cobble together a reasonably reliable form of occult based time travel. Once obtaining final approval from Adolf Hitler Himmler formed the SS Zeitkommando, which also subsumed Das Hexengruppen.


The Nazis particular brand of time travel requires the expenditure of items with a high amount of occult or spiritual significance. These relics, and they could be anything, from the Holy Grail to the Crown of Mu, are exploited in the ritual performed by Das Hexengruppen in order to provide the power to send members of the SS Zeitkommando through space and time.

Returning to there native time however, is a matter of science rather than Magick. The Scientific Division of the SS Zeitkommando has discovered temporal recall technology roughly analogous to the methods employed by department T. All members of the SS Zeitkommando carry a small recall device hidden inside their party armbands.



The remit of the SS Zeitkommando is to: first, ensure the survival of Adolf Hitler; second, to defeat the Allies; and third, to accrue more relics for further time travel. In the pursuit of these activities they frequently draw the attention of Hugh Charlesworthy. The parry and thrust of their engagements is known as Extended WWII

Of Dr Strom and the Theta Wars

Dr Ernst Strom, noted physicist and inventor of the recall device used by the Zeitkommando, long held the view that the Reich was being stunted by its dependence on the occult and successfully stole a second Charlesworthy Engine during its final construction stages. This lead to a desperate chase across time as Hugh sought to recapture the stolen machine. Strom, being unfamiliar with its controls was eventually cornered in America, in the era of the Old West. Charlesworthy destroyed the machine and left the doctor stranded.

After spending a few years in the Old West, were he was mistaken for a Confederate soldier, owing to his uniform, he eventually managed to recreate the Nazi time travel ritual with some local help and by exhausting a copy of Hoyle's Book of Games.

After returning home, Dr Strom gathered together all his trusted men and made one last trip into the far future, to see if he could garner an alternate means of time travel. Upon arriving in the future, they were almost imminently detained by Chrono-Force Elite. Eventually, the Americans stuck a deal with the Time Nazis, they were shown how to utilise Theta based time travel allowing them almost unlimited travel post-nexus, and meanwhile Chrono-Force Elite gained access to ritual based time travel.

The small number of Nazis that made it to the future quickly manipulated time to set themselves up as a major Theta Faction, and are once more determined to raise the Swastika banner over the whole of the world.