St. Petersburg

When the old capital of the Russian empire moved, its occult capital did not. During soviet years, it was a stronghold of the Cult of Shakath who worship the last dragon that lies in ancient slumber deep beneath the city. Since the fall of communism, they have been opposed by The Agency, formed partly from the rememenants of their once defeated enemies, the Acolytes of the Self. The Cult hold the definite advantage here, though, as agency presence is comparatively weak thanks to their merciless policing and raids. Salvation could lie within a third faction in the city, the goons of former Acolyte and soviet nuclear scientist – Kysenia Vladlena, who not only is the sole despot of the overlooked Moscow community, but also powerful in her own right in St. Petersburg. She tries to keep strict neutrality between the struggles of both groups, but is not opposed to knifing either in the back for her own gains. Conversely, either side is unwilling to retaliate in a major way, out of fear that she may respond by joining the other side. This delicate three way balance needs just one fiery spark to tip the whole city into chaos.