Takar is a alternate Earth which became a barren wasteland more than 100 years ago. A meteor struck the planet, stirring up a dust cloud which blotted out the sun, causing an almost complete collapse of the eco-system. Almost all plant and animal life died out. One species of xenoform native to Takar were sentient, however and the Takarans, as they would come to be known, fled their dying world through portals, hoping to find shelter on some alternate version of their planet.

This plan might have worked, were it not for a quirk of Takaran biology. In order to survive, they require a certain chemical found only in the animal-life of Takar and not in that of any other planet. Following the mass extinction, only one species of Takaran animal life remained; the Takarans themselves. The Takarans began to eat their own dead and then, when it became clear that would not suffice, they began hunting and killing each other.

In the present day, the Takarans are a species of brutal murderers for the most part. Many live on Earth, passing for humans. Their skin can shift colour, allowing them to blend into the scenary when hunting, but whatever colour, it appears greasy and rubbery to the human eye. In the occult community, Takarans are valued as assassins and enforcers.