Takeru Hikarino

Takeru Hikarino is a Time Agent for Hiroshima Aruki chrono Soldiers (HACS). He is a talented psychic and enemy of the The Master Church.

Takeru Hikarino is HACS' most potent tool against The Master Church and God's Chosen. He is a genetically modified time agent and a master psychic.

Genetic Makeup

Takeru's genes and DNA have been built from the ground up, sampling patterns from some of the most powerful psychics, priests and monks, as well as superior genetic stock of Japan's finest coupled with artificial modifications that strengthen his ability to time travel.


Takeru is a competent Phasmapath. He knows every tiny last piece of known religious lore from Abrahamic religions, ancient religions and other major religions save for N, and has practiced nearly every major ritual associated with these, and certainly has access to minor ones if need be. Due to a combination of psychic mastery and monk blood, he can cause his aura to show either true faith or being of darkness which can fool all but the most powerful of angels.


The Master Church and God's Chosen are the main enemies Takeru was bred and trained to fight against. Subtlety and subterfuge is the favoured tactic of HACS, and so Takeru's style involves much secrecy and spy work. His main use currently is not to sabotage the efforts of the church so much but to keep tabs on their activities and secrets, as the Master Church does not yet present a threat to Japan's security. For this reason, he is frequently called to assist other agents in fighting the Time Nazis.