Team Zarathustra

Team Zarathustra are a team of Theta agents working for N. They are selected for their piety and complimentary skills. They are listed by Role along with Name, Specialities, Major god, and Secondary god.

Team Leader: Asher Frey - Tactical Leadership, Close-Range Firefighting & Infiltration. Tath-Qui, Malek.
Team Lieutenant: 'Eyeless' Idannya Gregor - Melee Combat & Infiltration. Tath-Qui, Harei.
Sorceror: Khalid Din - Occult Knowledge, Rituals & Close-Range Firefighting. Psid, Kolis.
Engineer: Vanna 'The Spanner' Channery - Engineering & Close-Range Firefighting. Kaea, Garubak.
Faceman: Leonardo Ester]]] - Social, Spying, Minor Mechanics & Hacking. Kaea, Suoea.
Bruiser: Priska Baltazar - Magick & Melee Combat, Minor Rituals & Intimidation. Psid, Pula.
- Chatuth Support: Timyo 'Tim' Ran Yero - Piloting, Driving, Sniping & Healing. Kaea, Brice.

This team has OAGS Stats.