Tech Smith Summary

Tech Smith is the name of the campaign run starting February 2010 by Karolicker. It ended in May 2010. This is the campaign log.


In 2013, a Mr. Smith runs a network of occult mercenaries that through either contract or subtle suggestion have no motivation to take other contracts. Mr. Smith seems to be mostly interested in acquiring examples of xenotech and shutting down their manufacture and using small dispatch teams to accomplish these ends.

Episode 1 - Volklor and Smithology

A team is assembled from four experienced heroes: Foxman, a high-tech vigilante, Mr. Jackson, a hardened mercenary, Maren, a prodigious shreke sorceress, and Ethan, a gentlemanly swordsman.
The team have worked on a mission with each other perhaps once before, but this is the first time they have been assembled as a team. They have been tasked with breaking into the Volklor Industries compound 30 miles away from Bonn in Germany and investigating for xenotech. After arriving there, they soon break into the admin centre, discovering various order forms and receipts with unusual model names priced in deutschmarks (DM) and that the compound has one more building's worth of computers on its network. They soon find a garage entrance to an underground bunker where scientists are frantically working on various robot parts. They crush production and steal the blueprints before wiping them from the computers. They also apprehend another solo agent by the name of Kaori and take her prisoner. Finally, they faced two functional combat droids, killing them and the line manager who was wielding some kind of laser weaponry.

Objectives Complete: Volklor xeno weapons lab shut down.
Items recovered for study: Suspicious order form, Military robot blueprints, Kaori Tamakeri, Example military robot, Volklor death laser.
Character Points: 1

Interlude: Gentlemen of the Night

A meeting of the Royal Council of Free Vampires is held in top floor of the Bar de Mille in South London. It is chaired by Sir Mitch Reginald, and in attendance is Ethan Blackwood. The main issue of the meeting is the escalation of the belligerence of The Brotherhood in the face of their fascist revolution. The success of these radicals, at least in Britain, would spell certain disaster for the virtuous mages, freaks and xenos that serve the fairest land on Earth. One particularly influential brother is a certain Law Lord rumored to be a sorceror whose turn or demise would tip the balance. All have been tasked in gathering any information on possible action against him. Ethan himself volunteered to spearhead any counter action on behalf of the vampires, if it comes to it.

Episode 2: The Blade of Orléans

Mr Smith calls the team to his tour bus along with David, a mercenary mage. They are informed of a convoy going from a village in Poland to Orléans in France and told that it is likely a honey trap for all sorts of occult investigators. Forearmed with this information, they are sent to spring the trap neqar the town of San. Louis and bag the trappers and to recover the rare item they were possibly hiding: The Sword of St. Joan of Arc. However, the trap came with an unexpected quarter - a team of xenotech special forces de-cloaked and knocked them unconscious with advanced weaponry. Their bodies were loaded into a van and taken forwards again to Orléans and dumped in a back room of a disused chapel. Through this, Ethan only pretended to be unconscious and smuggled in a knife. Before they could be interrogated, he managed to revive each team member to attempt an escape. As they escaped, they discovered that the disused cathedral the chapel was attached to was being converted into a base of operations for Nazis: costumes, flags and all. While fighting a room full of nazis and a werewolf, David discovered a candelabrum which hid a silver spear. Exploring the cellar of the Cathedral, the party found a tied up Jack Steen and James Bond, who they rescued. Back in the main hall, they find a ritual being conducted with the sword of Joan as the focus, with three nazi witches, a soldat, an SS officer, and four chained up women who David described as 'FREAKS!'. After a tense fight, David was dead and the officer was last man standing on the Nazi side. He promptly bid his goodbyes and disappeared into thin air with the sword. Two of the women whose auras showed they were werewolves and were turned loose, one was killed in the fight, and one was a telepath who thanked the party and left. The team returned to San. Louis where they were asked to return home.

Objectives Complete: None, the blade was not recovered.
Items recovered for study: Elaborate xenotech and magick item fakes.
Character Points: 2

Interlude: Twisted Sister

Minutes before Maren is due to meet Mr. Smith's driver at her home, she receives a knock on the door. It is one of her sister's slaves, dressed only in black underpants, a bow tie and gift ribbons. He was bearing a note from her sister suggesting that she visits Malfortune Mansion for a large scale occult community meeting in about a week's time, and to keep the slave she sent. After trying to set the slave free, she found out that his only notion was to go back to the Utashes, where he would continue being a slave. Due to her objection to slavery, she gave him clothes and a salary, and allowed him to work as a servant.

Episode 3: Van Jackson

A new team member is introduced, the phantom Lt. Fusilier Hugo Mattimeo Lefleur. The team are brought to Mr. Smith's hideout, near Baker Street in London. He reveals himself to in fact be Professor Sean Smith, and the driver to be French master of disguise; Genevive Dubois. He is one of two acting leaders of an underground organization of time travelers, as their main leader has gone missing for four years. Though he would have liked to reveal himself and his purpose later, in light of the group's contact with the Time Nazis and the fact that the manpower at his disposal has been stretched to the limit, he is confident that they are trustworthy and proficient enough to join his team. They get introduced to Gavin - Mr. Smith's other addition to the team, and their prisoner from the first episode - Kaori. They are then given their next mission: Travel back to Transylvania in 1896, to the night before Dracula is killed by Van Helsing. They must meet Smith's Chrono Force Elite contact to help her stop a team of time travelers from meeting Dracula and taking his power by 'whatever means necessary', and make sure Van Helsing kills Dracula. They do so. In Castle Dracula, they account for four time traveller corpses and Van Helsing's corpse. Mr. Jackson dons Van Helsing's gear and goes to fight Dracula. After a struggle, Ethan manages to keep Dracula talking until the sun rises, after which Hugo shoots a large hole in him, and 'Van Jackson' finishes him off. Foxman and Chaffinch go out to the nearby village and parade around dressed as Van Helsing telling them that Dracula was dead. The team recall and are given the option of taking the immortility vaccine. Gavin promised to investigate the immortality vaccine to see if it is viable for use with Shrekes. They are told to go back to their homes and decide whether they are participating in Lord Malfortune's summit in a week's time.

Objectives Complete: 4/5 Chrono Force Elite members stopped. Dracula Killed by Van Helsing.
Items recovered for study: Vial of Shreke blood, Portal to the Sererinth homeworld.
Character Points: 1

Episode 4: Brothers No More

The Brotherhood is mounting an attack on Malfortune Mansion. Lord Malfortune gathers a summit of as many freaks, sorcerors and occultists as possible, including department T. During this summit, Ethan Discovers that LMF is his father (Dun Dun DUNNNNN). Everyone is posted to defensible points of the mansion. After a flood of brotherhood soldiers breach the gates, a scrap ensues. Lord Malfortune calls the party to the kitchen where he has prepared a teleportation circle for them. He asks them to use their Einstein Gate to teleport to the UK Brotherhood Headquarters in Leeds about an hour before the siege. There, they must assassinate the high command of the brotherhood. Emerging in a corporate front, Foxman quickly sets off a trap which he and Mr. Jackson resolve. They soon find a secret elevator in a boardroom. Below, they find a few brotherhood meeting rooms adorned with Brotherhood insignia and a secret lab. They retrieve and change a variety of records, especially those on Department T. Below the lab they find a second lab with a variety of Xenoforms suspended in tanks. Pressing on, they find more Volklor robots and finally a grandiose office which looks very recently vacated. Below the desk, an entrance to the sewer system. Thinking quickly, Maren summons a speedboat from department T. They soon catch up with the leader of the brotherhood in the UK - Brother Cnut. Ethan Slices his head off and takes it with him. After a small bantering with sewer-explorer, Fricassee D'Boeuf, they recall to department T, and then to Malfortune Mansion where everything is on fire and most are dead. Lord Malfortune thanks them for their aid and says he must leave Britain for the time being. He hands over the deeds to his land and title to Ethan and leaves for Russia. All return to their own homes…

Objectives Complete: Brother Cnut assassinated, Brotherhood data on Department T edited.
Items recovered for study: Brotherhood data, Malfortune's Title & Lands, Yatra-Tor portal ring.
Character Points: 1

Episode 5: Rise of the Commie Nazis

Chaffinch and Foxman wake up in a pile of rubble. All around them lie the shattered remains of the local area. Seemingly, the apocalypse has happened and they slept through it. Taking the finchcopter, they investigate the area and its not long before they find dancing green lights on the ground. These lights turned out to be superstar time traveler Don Wright having a rave and seemingly not noticing what has happened, along with Maren Utash and slave. While Maren tried to scry various well known people to figure out the situation, Ethan and Mr. Jackson showed up attracted by the blue and orange helicopter. They theorised that since they were temporal free agents that time may have changed while they were asleep. Looking for a solution, they headed to Department T, which they accessed by blowing a hole through the wall of the baker street tube station.
They were met by about half the team who explained that history was altered in the late 60s when Russia won the moon race ahead of the Americans. They established a stronger dominance and the south of England was wiped out by the French in an intense cold war satellite feud. What's more, the changes in time have disturbed the power source of the Einstein gate. Smith demonstrated that the communist technology was a very similar to that of N's craft and that Department T would be able to link up one of their power cores if they could 'find' one. So the team infiltrated a French spaceport in Lyons. Thunder, Adler, Dubois, Wright and Billy Invincible would go in first and break down the defenses with subterfuge and stealth, then, the party would move in and recover the core. The operation was successful, though they were taken by surprise by Vladimir Putin and a squad of his power armored team. Ethan and Jackson persuaded Putin to leave before seeing the job through, and the party dispatched the guards. One linking to the core later, the first team visited the theta wars to discover who the change benefits. It transpires that the Time Nazis, specifically Dr. Von Leerhoft, had been manipulating the communists throughout time and around 2100 it became the fourth German Reich. The turning point game when Von Leerhoft visited London under an alias to give a lecture, but instead planted a nuclear device in 10 Downing Street before he visited the GDR and began his 'research' on space travel. The second team traveled to this time and stopped him (with the help of Jeff Randall) before the bomb could be set up. Upon his death, Von Leerhoft proved to have an exotic metallic brain implant, which worried Smith somewhat. The team returned to the surface to find London back to normal.

Objectives Complete: Timeline Restored. Dr. Von Leerhoft killed.
Items recovered for study: Communist Energy Core, Von Leerhoft brain implant.
Character Points: 2

Episode 6: When You're Big in Japan

Kaori is dying. She can barely move, and her skin bruises at the slightest touch. Gavin has deduced that this is a systemwide degeneration common in human/xenoform genetic splices. He has a theoretical cure, but requires information on her genetic makeup. Kaori was strapped to a time-anchored recall device and sent to her home location, but not through time. The team followed her signature to a disused lab underneath Hiroshima to retrieve her. When they were there, they discovered that the experiments of the Japanese government on xenotechnology were in motion even in 1945. Ethan found two still active stasis tubes containing two xenoforms. Deciding to free them both, one decided to attack him, and the other to help him. Ethan beat the aggressive one, a Sererinth and took the other back with him to the base. Armed with the knowledge of the location of the HACS base, Prof. Smith then sent the team to acquire Kaori's genetic data, and anything else they can steal. After teleporting into the base the team made their way to the xenolab, a dark and ominous room. Ethan began freeing the various sorts of xenoforms held captive whilst the other members began downloading information. As the information is transferring, four rocket angels showed up to stop them. Needless to say, the team beat them handily. One rocket angel grabbed Ethan and used his recall device, taking them both back to Department T. Chaffinch followed him to 'help'. After the fight, the team took the data they had and recalled. Using this data, Gavin revealed that Kaori's degenerative disease was a built-in failsafe that activates every two and a half years and that about 1/4 of her genetic code is of Trillian origin, going so far as to even have a wholly Trillian 24th gene pair. Her memories would then be downloaded, edited, and pasted into a clone. Synthesizing a relevant formula of regenerative primordial liquid, he reversed Kaori's disease and gave her the immortality vaccine to prevent it from happening again. Due to Foxman and Chaffinch's behviour and incompetence, they were expelled from the team.

Objectives Complete: HACS base located & Infiltrated.
Items recovered for study: Kaori Tamakeri's genetic data, Live unknown xenoform
Character Points: 1

Episode 7: On The Jazz Again

Just before a routine mission to the theta wars in the search for Hugh Charlesworthy, the party witnesses a malfunction in the Einstein gate and curious Nazis without their insignia come through. Though Lord Blackwood tried to hoodwink them, they began shooting and taking prisoners. Once everyone was down or surrendered, they were thrown back through the portal to where the Nazis thought was back in their base. To the party's surprise, they ended up on a train in an alternate history, naked and weaponless, staring down the barrel of a loaded Don Wright. Five Nazis follow them through, and are quickly dispatched by Wright. Moments later, Kaori falls into the carriage along with the previously rescued Xenoform. Seeing that they are also enemies of the forces of Hitler, Don enlists them to join him in taking out Berlin's controversial new #8 Jazz reactor. Using the unknown xenoform's alarming mind control powers, they infiltrated the reactor and began a meltdown chain reaction. They escaped onto the time zeppelin belonging to Wright's team who agreed to help them find a way back home. To this end, the team tracked down the apparently-still-alive Albert Einstein to a main Jazz reactor on the former Kazakhstan-China border. Slaughtering their way through the base, they found a large room stacked with arcane symbols and components, acting prison to a massive coiled snake with wings and a mane of rainbow feathers. After killing his torturers, and correctly deducing this was the Aztec deity Quetzlcoatl they discussed terms of freeing him. He agreed to grant Maren additional magickal power to the level of a Wizard, commencing from the next ritual she learns. The serpent god then quickly dissappears through the portal, but not before he warns the team that the last person to make a request of them is to return life form death. The team press on into the reactor core, where Kaori rigs the place to melt down at the push of a button. Here, they also find Industria's Hugh Charlesworthy in a temporal stasis machine with some arcane gear attached. They free him and he heads for safety. They venture on to the labs where an Einstein gate is powering up, and Dr. Von Leerhoft is standing with a brain in a jar under his arm. Though Mr. Jackson tries shooting him, the bullets merely bounce off. He explains that since they have already killed him in his future, killing him would be paradoxical and therefore not possible. With a toodle and a pip he jumps through the gate, leaving the team to fight his guards. The team pursue him through the gate, and Kaori sets off her power-plant bomb as they leave. The team arrive naked on a farm in Benin, with herr Doktor nowhere in sight. Surprisingly, they have picked up Einstein and Industria's Don Wright. Mr Jackson cons his way on a plane and moments after it takes off, Peter Lexy comes to recover the team. Meeting in Dept. T, they find one person they have not met before; the legendary Hugh Charlesworthy…

Objectives Complete: None Assigned. Blew up 2 'Jazz Reactors'. Kaori reports that from descriptions of 'Jazz' it is merely electricity generated by a nuclear reactor. Maren made a pact with Quetzlcoatl.
Items recovered for study: Kaori Tamakeri's bionics, Industria's Einstein & Don Wright.
Character Points: 1

Interlude: Curse of the Wind Serpent

Maren decided to activate her pact with Quetzalcoatl by casting a ritual with his feather. From the magick circle, rainbow winds formed a vortex and she blacked out from immense pain. She woke up to the weeping of her slave, who claimed her appearance changed. The mirror confirmed this - her skin was now a blotchy blue-green, the back of her head and back covered in rainbow feathers, and great wings made from skin, bone and colored feathers. Inside her was an intense hunger for corn. Quetzlcoatl whispers to her forever more.

Episode 8: Ross Kemp on Secret Government Facilities

Hugh Charlesworthy deduces and explains to the team what has happened. The Time Nazis, with gentle prodding from the Alpha Machine have discovered an alternate universe in which a near-enough identical version of Hugh Charlesworthy exists. This duplicate was used to create a soul-tether between them, and put one in an industria stasis machine keeping them both in an untraceable hibernation. When Maren broke the tether, she also caused Hugh to be released. However, the Einstein gate is still broken, and requires fixing. Luckily, they have a quantum genius and a temporal engineer at their disposal. They set to work rebuilding the Einstein gate, but required some exotic materials. Hugh sent each team at his disposal to acquire one. Smith's team were sent via rocket catamaran to a location in western Canada to recover an item lost there 10 years ago. After snooping around in the archives of the facility, they find evidence of an attack the area 10 years ago and that the item they are looking for has been moved to a facility in northern California. Raiding the facility, they found the crate containing the bizzare purple crystalline structure, however, the crate was also hiding an'taks hired to kill Hugo. After dispatching the an'taks and recovering the prize, a voice came over the loudspeaker from a documentary presenter who decided to take justice into his own hands and blow the facility up. Needless to say, they escaped post-haste.

Objectives Complete: Recovered the Charlesworthy time crystal.
Items recovered for study: A crystal skull, a plasma cutter tool, the Charlesworthy time crystal.
Character Points: 1

Episode 9: Action's My Middle Name

One final piece of the puzzle remains, however, there is an anachronism in Sheffield that demands immediate attention; the manufacture of robots similar to that of Volklor and IOM. A team consisting of Jackson, Blackwood and 80's Don Wright arrived at the industrial park it is situated in, and broke into the unit that was at the epicenter of the crisis. It didn't take them long to find a portal. Through the portal was a wooden manufacturing building with a variety of robots and bits of robots lying about. While trying to steal one, they apprehended and restrained the replacement clone Kaori, cuffing her to Blackwood's arm. It won't so long until they found more guards who they killed, enslaved xenoforms, who they killed, and chrono force elite Team B, who they tried to kill. Their leader called for a truce and suggested they work together. No sooner were their backs turned then they were gunned down and Kaori used the confusion to set herself free. They woke up to Kaori performing surgery on Mr. Jackson's upper back, explaining that he was in fact a robot himself, built about 15 years ago but based on a design from 2202. She installed an airwire interface, allowing him to instantly communicate with robots and possibly hack them as well. Surely enough, the time agents left them in a robot-based death trap which Jackson handily dealt with. During the chaos, Kaori once again disappeared. The team left the area after blowing the entire place sky high. When they returned to department T, they found that the Einstein gate was complete, and that reconnaissance on Von Leerhoft's actions were underway.

Objectives Complete: Robot Factory in Sheffield destroyed.
Items recovered for study: A robot.
Character Points: 1

Episode 10: The Alpha Solution

The final pieces of the Einstein gate are finally built, and the mission to stop Hitler's rebirth is underway. Hugh has located where his brain has been delivered; a Time Nazi facility on the eastern border of The Fourth Reich which has been assimilated into the Alpha Machine. The split into three teams, a combat team, a stealth team and a tech team. Predictably enough, the party are in the combat team. They are transported to the building and are immediately recognized and set upon by Alpha Machine possessed desk jockeys. Having shot the place up, the other teams are deployed. The team begin taking orders from Ted Austin who is camped out in the central security center. After informing them of an area of massive concentration of energy and less bionic-brain activity, they hear him getting dragged away by alpha machine agents. The stealth team elect to go after him while the combat team deal with the activity. There, they find two massive project Übermensch subjects, Krieger and Krueger investigating an alpha machine transplant lab. The party defeats them in combat and finds a single survivor amongst the butchered corpses; a Chrono Force elite agent - Diana Winters. They allow her to leave by her own means. They are then immediately ambushed by the rest of her team, and though they put up a good fight, are beaten. They wake up later in a cell, along with everyone else who came on the mission, with Mick 'Action' Reevs gloating over them with Hitler's Brain in a jar (in a canister) under his arm. To his surprise, Lord Blackwood rips the bars out of the cell and bites Reevs, drinking him completely dry. The team recover their things and Hitler's brain, and leave on their way. Back at the base, Maren has prepared a telepathy circle so that Hugh and the team can try and extract information from Hitler. They soon find that the brain is not Hitler's. It belongs to a woman called Winters…
Objectives Complete: None. Mission Failure.
Items recovered for study: Brain of English Winters.
Character Points: 2


Hugh invites all new members to take on a job at department T, though in some cases, reluctantly.

Ethan Blackwood elects to return to his lifestyle of high-class debauchery but keeps close contact with Department T and regularly accepts missions passed to him, especially if they involve Chrono Force Elite or the Fourth Reich. Keeps occasional written contact with his father.

Mr. Jackson rejected Hugh's offer, and set about wandering the world to find out why he exists, what he is for and so on. Very occasionally accepts a mission from Hugh, but only if he happens to need technical repairs or upgrades at the time.

Maren Utash returned to her old life of wheeler-dealing within the occult community. Is particularly interested in acquiring all things Aztec and to this extent has even hired out a couple of contacts she has made in Department T. Sometimes accepts missions if the price is right.

Derek the Slave still loyally panders to his mistress' every implied command. He has managed to wear a shirt. Once.

Foxman is mysteriously murdered by an unknown 'bad guy'. Chaffinch inherits his majority share of Best Industries and remodels himself the superhero Duskwing.

Kaori, having been replaced by a clone already is exiled from HACS, presumed dead. After a short period of disappearance, she returns and accepts a re-negotiated offer from Hugh in light of the agency's encroaching interest in time travel.

80s Don Wright and Einstein return to Industria after a short period of waiting for 'Jazz Fallout' to secede.

Hitler is still on the loose in the future, and by England, Hugh is determined to put him back where he belongs.