Techno-Vampirism was developed in 2011 by MJ-12 as part of their super soldier program. After the death of Dracula in early 2011, vampirism ceased to exist with vampires all over the world instantly turning to dust. However, by studying Dracula's remains, MJ-12 was able to replicate with technology what Dracula had accomplished with magick, creating the first techno-vampires.

Techno-Vampirism is a nanobot swarm. When introduced into a human's blood stream, it replicates itself and begins to convert the person into a techno-vampire. The success rate of conversion is relatively low, through more physically fit test subjects survive more often.

Techno-Vampires are stronger, faster and more durant than humans. Their muscle mass increases and their bones become reinforced with carbon nanofibres. Their nervous system is completely rewired by the nanobot swarms, improving their reflexes. They are more resistant to disease and poison, as the nanobots cannabalize any foreign body. However, they suffer from certain weaknesses as well. The nanobots consume haemoglobin for fuel, forcing techno-vampires to either drink human blood or receive regular dosages of artificial haemoglobin. They are also allergic to UV light and garlic, suffering major organ failure within minutes of exposure.