Technological Items

Slightly Technological Items

Slightly technological items cost 1 point each.

High Quality Weapon: Many weapons are made in factories by underpaid workers, but there is the occasional weapon that is lovingly handcrafted or modified by an expert weaponsmith or gunsmith. Any basic or military weapon may be made high quality. A high quality weapon confers +1 to hit when using it.

Finely Balanced Weapon: Most weapons are made so that their power or balance is limited to beneath its potential so that it doesn't break too quickly, however there are some that are crafted a bit closer to the line. Any basic or military weapon may be made finely balanced. A finely balanced weapon confers +2 to damage on its first shot or swing per round.

Deadly Weapon: In most cases, weapons are made to behave in as regular a fashion as possible, but not this one. It is made so that when every condition is right, it excels beyond measure. Any basic or military weapon may be made deadly. A deadly weapon confers the high crit ability and +1 to damage on its first shot or swing per round.

Heartseeker Weapon: A heartseeker weapon is designed for the specific purpose of ousting an unsuspecting target. When making a takedown attack, it deals strength x 5 damage instead of the usual x4. When used for purposes other than takedowns, it deals -2 damage.

Miniaturised/Pistol Version: The trend in modern technology is to make things smaller and smaller and weapons are no exception. Any basic or military weapon may be miniature or have a pistol version. Two handed weapons are still two handed due to aiming and recoil issues. These weapons gain the Subtle and Quick Draw tags.

Animarangs: A set of fold-out throwing crescents stylized in the colors of whatever animal you idolize. Its name is often made into a portmanteu of the animal's name, ie Foxarangs, Pandarangs, Codmarangs etc. One Handed, Thrown, Non-Lethal, Short Range, Strength + 2 damage.

Shark Repellent Spray: A handy spray can that sprays a mist of liquid that sharks and other carnivorous fish of prey find foul and revolting. They will not come near a person or object sprayed with this stuff and will flee if possible. This item basically grants Immunity: Carnivorous fish of prey when used.

Sudden Shield: This is a metal armbrace that reaches up to the elbow which can be hidden by normal clothing. With a flick of the wrist various metal segments fold out to form a shield. This is essentially a shield with quick draw and subtle.

Sudden Weapon: This is a metal armbrace or gauntlet that can be hidden underneath normal clothes or work gloves. Hidden within it are various parts to a melee weapon of your choice that snap together ready to use with a flick of the wrist. This adds quick draw and subtle to a one handed basic weapon of your choice.

Universal Grounding Device: Electricity is an effective weapon as it can kill people cleanly and is effective against machines. This set of black and sliver ankle and wrist straps render the wearer completely immune to the effects of electricity damage. Unfortunately, it does nothing if you are made of metal.

"Magnum Opus" Revolver: Specially made for gunmen with superhuman strength, the Magnum Opus revolver is chambered for a hefty 1.0 Magnum calibre bullet. Characters with Firearms Training and Strength 8 may weild the Magnum Opus one-handed.
Basic Firearm: 15 Damage, Two-handed, Quick Draw, Minimum Strength 6.

Minor Technological Items

MIB Sidearm: This ultra-high ROF heavy pistol is the product of highly complex xenotech, compacted to pistol form. A normal human being who tried to fire it would have their arm broken by the recoil and even the genetically enhanced agents of the MIB have to wield it in both hands.
Military Firearm: 10 Damage, Three shots, Quick Draw, Subtle. Minimum Strength 6.

Charlesworthy Plasma Carbine: A weapon developed by the Charlesworthy Foundation in accordance to some fairly detailed 'theoretical' plans stored in the Charlesworthy Mansion that had been in existence since the 60s. The research into it was forbidden by George Charlesworthy, but later allowed by his son. These weapons are not even available on the black market, but have been used as bargaining chips between the Charlesworthy Foundation and other underground organisations on occasion.
Military Firearm: 10 Damage, Two shots, Half Soak.

Charlesworthy NanomailTM: A skintight steelweave bodyglove that does not show through normal clothing. A suit of some sort is often worn over it. 4 soak.

Charlesworthy Foundation Advanced Body Armour: Advanced Body Armour designed for the British Army. Hardened ultra-Kevlar over a nanomailTM bodyglove. Designed to be comfortable even in extreme temperatures.

Armour: Soak 6, Resistance: Cold and Fire, Armour Penalties: -1 Athletics, Block, Dodge and Perception.

Fold Out Glider Jet: A plastic tube mounted on the wearer's back that folds out into a single triangular wing, like that of a hang-glider. A small combustion jet is also fitted to the back to aid in direction and to provide a speed boost. It grants glide and fast 1 while gliding. If the character already has fast, it adds and additional level of fast.

Hemroxin Driver: Developed by the ace doctors of Interest-9, Hemroxin is a sophisticated short-burst painkiller designed for use in combat. In this form, it is mixed with a mild stimulant and clottign agent, and delivered by an injection driver via a butterfly needle. It can be activated by a button for bursts in response to being wounded, and as a failsafe it releases a small, regular drip to treat and revive soldiers who fall unconcious before they can react. It grants immunity: pain.

Holographic Projection Watch: A small wrist-mounted device that controls subtle sensors and projectors on the wearer's face and exposed areas of skin, allowing them to change their features in the persepective on even a discerning onlooker. It allows you to look like any pre-programmed human being, or humanlike xenoform, though appropriate clothing and accessories are up to you. It is also able to scan and replicate the features a stationary target.

HUD Visor: This visor contains high-tech targetting and magnification equipment. The wearer can see in infra-red, night-vision, ultra-violet and electro-analytic modes. It grants a +2 bonus to Perception and Marksmanship.

Personal Cloaking Device: A PCD allows the wearer to become invisible at the touch of a button. This is treated as the Invisibility Moderate Supernatural Power. PCDs do not function for people wearing Powered Armour; the armour is too bulky and extends past the PCD's field.

Moderate Technological Items

Weaponry of Future Past: A Rail Enfiled, a Rail Webly and a Laser Sabre. The Laser Sabre never adds its wielder's Strength to Damage, despite being a Melee Weapon. A character with Firearms Training can use a Rail Webly one-handed.

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Laser Sabre 10 One Half Soak
Rail Webly 15 Two Quick Draw
Rail Enfield 32 Two Military

Major Technological Items

Charlesworthy Graviton Personal Defense System MKII: Only a few scientists in the Charlesworthy Foundation understand the secrets of the Graviton. It uses the harnessed power of gravity to repel any solid ranged attack. The wearer enjoys the benefits of Immunity (Solid Projectiles) and a +1 bonus to Block and Dodge so long as he wears it.

Cap of Absurdity: If God were a British Offficer in World War I, this is the cap He'd wear. It contains a powerful forcefield generator, providing +6 to both Block and Dodge.