Ted Austin

Ted Austin has OAGS Stats.

Ted Austin is a high tech thief who operates in London. He takes high-stakes contracts from scrupulous sponsors to sabotage their rival industries, political figures and anyone who may be causing them trouble. He is also employed by unethical collectors to steal various treasures and artifacts. He has no political or social agenda particilarly, and works for whoever his paying him most. He's not exactly cheap, but he produces results promptly and confidentially. He will often refuse jobs on moral grounds, such as stealing weapons and plans for the wrong 'side' or killing or sabotaging anyone who is truly good (though sometimes he might still steal from them). He largely avoids having to kill anyone if possible but does not hesitate if it is necessary. Ted never refuses a job from Lord Malfortune as he appears to be dedicated to the cause of the safety of the realm, even if some of his contracts have been against questionable targets.

Ted, or 'The X-Bow' as he is known to the police is extremely lightfooted and meticulously prepared for all occasions. He uses an aluminium crossbow as it has utility and silence over a gun, but also carries a silenced TMP converted to use .22 caliber ammo for confrontational combat. On jobs, he takes with him climbing apparatus, a Mission: Impossible style descension rig, and a series of tools to aid in disabling locks and devices. Ted is somewhat cowardly, shying away from any combat if possible, and only shoots if it means clearing the only path to escape.

Though Ted makes a great deal of money through his work, he fritters it all away through a combination of frequent exotic holidays to do the dangerous sports he enjoys, gambling, gourmet foods and wines, purchase of interesting gadgets and oddities from Lord Malfortune, and compensating for his lack of wit and charm to impress women. His lifestyle is somewhat lavish, but has little in the way of useful liquid income left.

Due to his skill and moral judgment, he was hired by Hugh Charlesworthy in 2009.

Ted's Gear

Aluminium Crossbow: A special personal flair of Ted's craft, his crossbow is a weapon of utility. It is made of Aluminium and so is strong and light. It can be folded away into a shape the width of a cricket bat, but half as long, and stowed in a purpose-made cotton bag.

Zip Bolts: A couple of special steel crossbow bolts with holes in the rear, which are tied to heavy duty cables. When fired from a crossbow these bolts release a quick-drying and expanding filler material, sticking fast in whatever wall they are fired at. The attatched cable can then be used for various purposes, but usually as a zip-wire.

Magefire Bolts: A box of wooden bolts covered in a special sort of red paint that is always very slightly tacky. When loosed they shoot flames from their tips, looking like tiny comets as they fly through the air.

Custom Steyr TMP: A simple civilian issue submachine gun customised with a silencer, a foregrip and a lower caliber to allow less messy kills.

Butterfly Knife: A simple butterfly knife that is rarely used on anything living.

Electronic Winch: A mission: impossible style winch mechanism Ted uses to lower himself down gently to avoid alarm systems, or, you know, death.

Suction Cups: Mounted on kneepads and forearm bands, these allow Ted to climb all but the most porous services.

Lockpicking Kit: A set of lockpicking tools, including a yalegun and a chubb key.

Electronics Kit: A set of basic tools used for fiddling with electronics. Includes a small selection of common extra components, a compact short-life soldering gun and solder, and other usual materials such as wire strippers etc.

Stealth Bodyglove: A black bodyglove designed for maximum utility without comprimising on quietness. Includes a pouch/utility belt, a utility harness that attaches to the winch and belt loops for his suction pads