Terrible Hand Of YHWH

The Terrible Hand of YHWH is an ancient and secretive organisation of Hebrew occultists. They are affiliated with the Midnight Group.


There are prophets and holy men widely known, their great deeds and words calatogued faithfully in works such as the Old Testament or the Koran, and there are those who will never be heard of by any but a few. The Terrible Hand of YHWH is but a small collection of these prophets that still operate today.

It is said that in the time of Moses, a group of men and women were tasked by YHWH himself to command but a small measure of his power each to watch over and guide the Jews in secrecy as they progressed through the ages. These became known as the Terrible Hand of YHWH.


The Terrible Hand employs much mysticism in its operation. First, all its members are granted a five hundred year lifespan. This is partially a reward for their sacred and duty partly to aid their operation. When this time is up, they die instantly and painlessly. They are not given everlasting life, so not to rob them of the reward of heaven. Secondly, its higher-ups make use of ancient relics known as Marble Minds. These sacred spheres of white marble hold essentially what are copies of the consciessnesses of the person they are attuned to. They are used to coalessce the memories, wisdom and skills of its holders and pass them down to their successors. A vast array of rituals, spells and cantrips are known to the Terrible hand and its members are masters of many.


Though the members of the Terrible Hand are granted long lives, they are still mortal and can still be killed, though it takes some doing. The violent death of any member is a harrowing time for the organisation as a whole, but sudden deaths of its higher-ups, or the Aspects of YHWH, can have a devastating effect on all Jews across the world. The most recent of these disasters is known as the Holocaust, whereby the Jewish population was very nearly decimated under the orders of Adolf Hitler. The Terrible Hand would have been able to stop such massive genocide, though the near-simultaneous deaths of two Aspects tore a hole in their organisation from which it took years to recover. It happened in may 1939 when The Heart was kidnapped and executed in Ingolstadt by the SS Zaubererpoleizi and The Destroyer was beaten in battle by five Hashshashin warriors.

Notable People

YHWH - Leader. All members of the Terrible Hand stoicly claim that YHWH is the sole leader of the Terrible Hand and regularly communicate with him frankly. This is considered an impossibility to all Theologists and holy men, even the most faithful.
Name Here - The Eyes. The leadership figurehead of the organisation, he acts as YHWH's representitive on Earth.
Chena Ahirus - The Heart. Commands a coalescence of all Jewish souls. Representative of YHWH's link to the Jews.
Osaness Erutaka - The Destroyer. Represents the fury and vengeance of YHWH.
Name Here - The Traveller. No Description.
Name Here - The Mender. No Description.