The Agency

The Agency, sometimes called the Adler Group and operating publicly under the guise of Hector Industries, is an occult-aware group which operated from 1990 to 2009. The organization was founded in 1990 as a merger of the three distinct groups of monster hunters.

The first was a group of Russian sorcerers called the Acolytes of Self who fled to Britain after the fall of the Berlin Wall- the Wall having been used as part of a curse laid upon them by the Cult of Shakath to trap them within the Soviet Union. The Acolytes brought a great deal of occult knowledge and arcane power to the nascent Agency.

The second was the remnant of Knightcorp, a group of vampire hunters destroyed in 1989 after one of their members was revealed as a traitor working for the Order of Dracula. The remaining employees and resources were bought up by Hector Industries, providing the Agency with experienced combatants and top the line technical capabilities.

The last group were a group of Oxford-graduate sorcerers led by Julian Adler. The group, about fifteen members strong, had been founded by Adler after one of his tutors at Oxford had passed away, leaving Adler, who the professor had held in high regard, an extensive collection of spellbooks.

The Agency occupied itself with the aversion of occult disasters and the accumulation of occult power, nominally for the purpose of protecting humanity but, like in many organizations, power became, to some extent, a goal in itself. Nonetheless, for most of its period of operations, the Agency was generally a force for good in the world.

In 1992, the Agency defeated Vincent Richards, a powerful sorcerer who had been using human sacrifices to gain magickal power. As well as acquiring Richard's extensive collection of occult tomes and adding them to the Agency's library, the Agency also acquired a Philosopher's Stone, which has funded the Agency ever since.

In 1995, the Agency discovered a new portal to Leroux, leading to the previously unknown city of Tresfleur, picked up a phantom, Nate Cyril and drafted him into the Sigma section.

During the 90s and early 2000s, the Agency flourished, establishing friendly, if discrete, links with MI5, the Metropolitan Police, the CIA and the FBI. Its primary headquarters was 1 Camelot Place in London. Secondary headquarters were established in Edinburgh, Paris and Berlin and then, later, tertiary headquarters in Cairo, Toronto, Barcelona and St. Petersburg, as well as research facilities in the Falklands and the mid-Pacific. During President Gore's term in office, the Agency worked extremely closely with him on the prevention of occult threats to the United States and were, in exchange, given use of a small number of black helicopters.

Unfortunately for the Agency, Gore's successor, President Morris was far less friendly toward the Agency. On the 23rd of January, 2005, only a few days after Morris's Inauguration, Adler received the following e-mail.

Dear Mr. Adler,

I write to inform you that my administration does not share my predecessor's inexplicable affection for your organization. We regard you, sir, as nothing more than a terrorist group and should you operate within the United States we will proceed to treat you as such.

Sam Morris
President of the United States

During the next five years, the Agency faced increased difficulties. Manus Dei became more aggressive towards them and the new American Administration formed the Military Intelligence Bureau which seemed likewise interested in limiting the Agency's power. Finally various occult groups became increasingly aggressive, most notably the Blitzwulfen, the Cabal of Mu and the Order of Dracula. The Agency did, however, find a new ally in the entrepreneur and scientific genius John Seraphim of Seraphim Industries, who secretly sold the Agency his supremely high-tech weaponry.

By early 2009, these difficulties became so manifest that Adler decided to form a new section of his Agency consisting of a single team of the most capable individuals he could recruit. This team was Omega Team. Later that year, this was reinforced with Omicron Team

In late 2009, Francis Smith's plan to betray The Agency to the Cult of Dracula was exposed to them by a team from a lost future and a new agent to Psi Team, who after the mission went missing in action, presumed dead, presumably killed by other members of the cult. Nate Cyril took temporary charge of the section until they recruited Jesus Ramirez in early 2011.

Agency Leaders
Senior members of the Agency are codenamed with Greek letters to protect their identity. Their letter also serves as the name of their section. Officially, their rank is section chief, but they are often referred to as "letters".

Alpha: Julian Adler, overall leader. Alpha-section is administration, human resources, nonhuman resources and finance.
Beta: Peter Watson. Designated survivor.
Gamma: Adrian Lynd. Gamma-section is those investigation teams operating out of London.
Delta: Horatio Steed. Delta-section is internal security.
Epsilon: Maurice Lupin. Epsilon-section is the Paris branch.
Zeta: Unknown. Zeta-section is the St. Petersburg branch.
Eta: Unknown.
Theta: Thomas Seward. Theta-section is technological and scientific R&D.
Iota: Unknown. Iota-section is IT and Technical Support
Kappa: Martin Gruber. Kappa-section is the Berlin branch.
Lambda: James Freeman. Lambda-section is xeno-universe research.
Mu: Arthur McCoy. Mu-section is Medical Support.
Nu: Andre Doupleur. Nu-section is the Vault.
Xi: Unknown. Xi-section is the Barcelona branch.
Omicron: James Walton. Omicron Team is one of the Extraordinary Circumstance Investigation and Intervention Teams (ECIITs)
Pi: Unknown. Pi section is the Sydney branch.
Rho: Unknown. Rho-section is the Edinburgh branch.
Sigma: Jesus Ramirez, formerly Francis Smith. Sigma-section is occult R&D.
Tau: Alice Allard. Tau-section is those intervention teams operating out of London.
Upsilon: Unknown. Upsilon-section is the Toronto branch.
Phi: Unknown.
Chi: Unknown. Chi-section is the Cairo branch.
Psi: Unknown.
Omega: Nick Slater. Omega Team is the lead ECIIT.