The Black Initiative

The Black Initiative are a group of "occult warefare operatives" recruited by a woman who goes only by the name "Dr. Black". The group was formed in 2012, but the level of influence, resources and knowledge displayed by Dr. Black suggest that the group is backed by some established player in the occult community who is choosing not to reveal themselves.

OAGS game, set in the Hughniverse, running monthly, starting in late July or early August. It's running monthly so that Dan and Len can make it. Bex is also interested in playing. Who else is up for it?

Characters are gonna be 50cp to start with, with some advancement in game. It's OK for characters to be mercenary and/or amoral, but Dr. Black would not recruit anyone she can't control or who lacks the proper self control to function as a professional.


Black Queen: Dr. Black
King's Rook: Demephrus
King's Bishop: Mr. Jackson
King's Knight: Hannah Fleming
Queen's Knight: Rork
Queen's Bishop: Theresa
Queen's Rook: Priscilla Galore