The Bloody Battle For Rome

Before the Theta Wars, the holy cities were a point of much contention between their owners and The Master Church. The armies of the aggressive new order swarmed and took Mecca easily, thanks to the betrayal of the Hashshashin. Secondly, they took Rome after a long and drawn out campaign where many sides were involved. Next, they would attack Jerusalem, but found it an insurmountable task as Jerusalem's spy network proved too efficient, their allies too numerous and their occult underground in an iron grip of an unknown hand.

While the catholic church was exiled from its own city, the then Pope appealed to God's Chosen to send aid, any aid to liberate the Vatican from the grip of The Master Church. Their calls were answered only with apprehension from all but an emergent religion, the cult of N for reasons they would prefer to keep secret. The militants and crusaders of N, as well as various specialized temples were readied to aid the Vatican. Surely enough, the papal contingient of the Fourth Reich and the forces of N were deployed. Perhaps one of the bloodiest and fervent battles of the faiths occurred over the following week; the hordes of the Master Church versus the legions of soldat and stormtroopers backing the elite fighting forces of N. After an unrelenting bloodbath, the high priests of N decreed that the Vatican was not worth saving compared to their losses and ordered their retreat. Additionally, they offered refuge to their allied Time Nazis and Cathoic leaders on Ascension Island which many gladly took. Rome now solidly belonged to the Master Church, a status quo that would continuously be tested.