The Brotherhood of Man

The Brotherhood is a secret society that promotes autocratic leadership and battling the occult.

The Brotherhood of Man, or simply the Brotherhood, is an occult-aware secret society. They believe that mankind is a superior race that aught to dominate the universe. They hunt down and exterminate xenoforms with extreme prejudice. They attempt to administer cures to those infected with vampirism or lycanthropy but those who have succumbed to these effects of these illnesses are no longer considered human and must be terminated. At the moment, psychics are officially regarded simply as gifted humans and are accepted within the Brotherhood, although there are some zealous elements that consider them to be sub-human. The Brotherhood also hunts down angels of either faction, believing that mankind has no longer any need for a divine guide and must forge its own destiny free from any extra-planar interference. Ghosts of humans are well liked by the Brotherhood since their hatred for both Heaven and Hell renders ghosthood there only option after death.

The Brotherhood of Man only appeals only to members of Occult-Aware Groups and has some members from almost all non religious occult groups. In particular a fair number of members of the Military Intelligence Bureau and even one member of MJ-12 are supposedly Brothers.

The Brothers refer to each other by code names based on admirable historical human figures such as Napoleon, Hitler, Washington, Plato and Holmes.

Known Brothers:

Brother Alexander - True identity Ali Muhammed al-Hakim. Named after arguably history's greatest conqueror, though Brother Genghis disagrees.
Brother Armstrong - Named after the first human to conquer a new world for humanity.
Brother Ceasar - True identity unknown, but numerous accounts refer to Ceasar as top of the pecking order. Named after Augustus Ceasar, not Julius.
Brother Cortéz - True identity Lord Malfortune. Involved in removing magick items in circulation in the UK. Highest ranked known member in Britain until he is dismissed for his moderate views in the mid 2010s. Named after a great explorer who thwarted the heresy of the Aztecs.
Brother Freud - True Identity Xun Ming Liao. Works for Bureau-13 of the Chinese Ministry of State Security.
Brother Galileo - True Identity Martin Gruber. The brotherhood's spy in The Agency.
Brother Genghis - Named after arguably history's greatest conqueror, though Brother Alexander disagrees.
Brother Washington - True identity Leonard Yataris. Owns megacorp Yataris International. Also conspires with MJ-12.
Brother Nietzsche - Named after the Brotherhood's greatest philosopher.
Brother Thatcher - Named after the great Iron Lady of Britain.
Brother Zheng - Named after the First Emporer of China.

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