The Dead Hitler Society

A Dead Hitler is a beverage consisting of:

1 part Rumple Minze® peppermint liqueur
1 part Jägermeister® herbal liqueur
1 part Goldschläger® cinnamon schnapps

It was invented by Vlad Green and is the official drink of the Dead Hitler Society. Membership of the Dead Hitler Society is restricted to time travellers who have at some point dealt a killing blow to Adolf Hitler.

They meet once a year in a different New York bar on 20th April 2150. (They meet after the creation of the Theta Nexus in order to accommodate Jack Steen.)

Current Membership:

Vlad Green - Unknown, but he started the Dead Hitler Society. Presumably took place before any of the others.
Hugh Charlesworthy - Two shots to the chest in a Cafe in Vienna in 1960 after Hitler spilt his gin.
Jack Steen - Punched out Hitler's brain after scaling his 200ft mecha as it rampaged through down town Tokyo in 2148.
Sgt Thunder - Got the final shot on Hitler after his power armour was disabled during Department T's 'Operation H’.
Don Wright – Shot Hitler through the head in 1945 in the Führerbunker as part of a Department T investigation.

Additionally, although he is dead, a chair is kept open for Albert Einstein (who removed Hitler from time in 1924) in case he decides to travel from a period of time before he dies.