The Deck of Eternity

The Deck of Eternity has 4 suits: Humanity, Monsters, Heaven and Hell

The Suit of Humanity

The Suit of Humanity represents the forces of humanity and the defence of normality and the status quo against the occult.

Ace: Hugh Charlesworthy
King: Sam Morris
Queen: Illuminata Prime
Jack: Julian Adler
Ten: Chairman Shumyenka
Nine: Jack Steen
Six: Nick Slater
Five: Sergeant Charlie Thunder
Two: Dr. Mieko Tamakeri

- The queen appears to be the leader of the Illuminati circa 2111.
- Seven mainly features Sgt. Thunder in a bomber jacket with stormheart, but other figures resembling the rest of Generation 1 Department T operatives are also depicted minorly.
- Six mainly features Nick Slater in powered armor, but Anna Smith, Maddie Edwards, Kim Thomlinson, Marcus of Macedonia, Nate Cyril and several shadowed ficures are featured at his feet, much smaller than he is.
- Two depicts Dr. Tamakeri with her arms round the shoulders of two preteen girls who are hugging her at her waist. The girls' faces are hidden in shadow, buy they are presumed to be her daughters, Kaori and Miyuzuki.

The Suit of Monsters

The Suit of Monsters represents magick, the occult and fusion and alteration of humanity through magickal means.

Ace: Merlin
King: Adolf Hitler
Queen: Baba Yaga
Jack: Rosa Luisa Gales
Ten: Dr. Strom
Six: Gerhardt Schadenfreude
Four: Maurice Colverston-Fitt

- Six: The figure is unclear, but can only be presumed to be Dr. Schadenfreude. He appears as a shadowy figure in a labcoat, suspended on much more prominent and exaggeratedly large horned demon arms which invade the foreground of the card.

The Suit of Heaven

The Suit of Heaven represents the forces of God and the Loyalist Faction of angels.

Ace: Michael, the Metatron
King: The original Destroyer
Queen: High Priestess of The Master Church
Jack: Cardinal Antoine Lucon
Ten: Uriel
Nine: Unknown Seraph 1
Eight: Gabriel
Seven: Azrael
Six: Unknown Seraph 2
Five: Raphael
Four: Father John Creed
Three: Father Brian Kelly
Two: Father Alberto Albio

King depicts all of the original apects of YHWH, but the most prominent is the Destroyer.
Nine depicts an unknown seraph that bears resembelance to a Katana Soul with golden skin.

The Suit of Hell

The Suit of Hell represents the forces of Lucifer and the Rebel Faction of angels.

Ace: Lucifer, the Satan
King: Vlad Tepes Dracula
Queen: Lilith, the first demon
Jack: Apolloyon, Vengeance, Kronus
Ten: Beelzebub
Nine: Belial
Eight: Mammon
Seven: Moloch
Six: Astaroth
Five: Azazel
Four: Nix

Ace depicts a more traditional idea of Lucifer, with horns and a pointy beard, rather than the pure, angelic looks he is reported to actually have.
Jack appears to depict the sword Vengeance just as prominently as its bearer. A traditional image of Kronus is seen looming over him, dominating the skyline. It is hard to determine who precisely this card is trying to depict, or if it is all of them. It is principly referred to as Apollyon.


Like most games involving cards, The Jokers represent the wildcards of the equation - subtle, forgettable forces that can devestatingly turn the tide with one quick play.

3. Alpha Intelligence