The Deluvian Church

"A Second Flood is a-coming, brothers! Gawd Almighty looks down on the world and He sees wickedness! I say again, wickedness! Homosexuality and Fornication and Sin! He sees the junkies and the sinners and the whores and the long-legged mack daddies! He sees sin! And let me tell you my brothers, the Almighty will not abide sin. He will send a Tribulation upon the world, I say again, a Trib-u-lation! And only the faithful, only the righteous, only those who stay true to Him and to His Word, only the they will be saved!

The Deluvian Church are an American mega-church, led by the Reverand Dan McKay. The Church has a great many members and receives a lot of money in donations. Dan McKay is extremely influential on American Evangelicals. He has his own TV show and it is widely thought that his endorsement of Sam Morris created a wellspring of support for the President amoungst the so-called Moral Majority during Morris' 2004 re-election campaign.

Dan McKay is does not believe in God, but he believes that religion can be used to keep people moral (for McKay's conservative, slightly misogynist defintion of "morality"). In 2008, he joined God's Chosen.