The End of Time

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The End, the End of Time or the Boundary are terms all used to describe the functional limit of theton-based time travel. It would be for all time travel, though the only ones who have the means and will to visit this period are the Theta Factions. It takes a considerable amount of resources just to send one agent to the end, and that agent is invariably never heard from ever again. It is for this reason that no one has really explored what happens at the end of time, or just before it, nor where the exact boundary actually is. This doesn't stop time mechanics theorizing their faces off. This 'dead time' is always present regardless of what butterflies the timeline is comprised of.

The end of time is merely a term used to describe the functional limit of time travel's current capabilities. Time is, of course, infinite.

The latest recorded successful time insertion was to (pick a year) by (pick a relevant faction). The earliest recorded 'dead time' insertion was to (pick a year) by (pick a relevant faction). It is therefore logical to assume that The End is somewhere between these two dates.
Merlin is reduced to infancy is about 3500, if that is of any relevance
Wait. Why cant Hugh Charlesworthy go there?
Pick any of the following: He has no business there, just won't go there, car/transporter malfunctions when he tries.
Would like to add: …whaaa? Why does time have an end?