The Enlightened

The Enlightened are a group of human/animal hybrids wizards. All kinds of animal hybrids are numbered amoungst the Enlightened but the most common are cats, bears and foxes. The Enlightened are the most magickally knowledgable group in the Hughniverse, using magick with restraint and wisdom. They dwell in the parallel world of Furtopia but observe alternate realities with their powerful divinations. Across the multiverse, their Ivory Tower broadcasts a subtle psychic message of peace and love.

Despite being a massive force for goodness and enlightenment throughout the Hughniverse, the Enlightened have decided that our world is not yet ready for enlightenment, citing our hideous persecution of those receptive to their psychic message, who we brand as "furries" and frequently burn at the stake. They have however, made contact with the most virtuous and charming inhabitant of our universe; Maria-Susannah Lucretia Belmont-Charlesworthy. It is, indeed, only at her pleading that the Enlightened have, until now, resisted the temptation to violently purge our universe.

However, since a recent incident in which Omega Team of the Agency encountered an underwater furry colony and wiped it from the face of the planet, the Enlightened have been preparing for war. Their massive power is such that they seem likely to crush our universe effortlessly, ushering in a new era of furry peace and love. Our only hope is a group called the Girls Occult Team for Heretical Study, who have been aware of the Enlightened for some time and have been making preparations of their own. Only the G.O.T.H.S can save us now.

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