The Master Church

The Master Church are an Abrahamic-based religion and are a faction in the Theta Wars.


In the mid 21st century, the world as we know it is full of sin and despair. Sorcerers and Werewolves hide away in the underground and drink the blood of the just, and the armies of man scorch the earth with their petty wars, destroying God's beautiful gifts and slaying the innocent. The domain of man is on the brink of slipping into anarchy and darkness, but there is yet hope. In the year 2078, three unique children were born in New York: One to a Christian family, one to a Jewish family, and one to a Muslim family. Psychics and Mystics around them kept quiet when they saw their burning golden aura, but during puberty, these children began to grow wings and manifest angelic powers. Out of what appeared to be chance they all attended the same classes and at least knew each other fairly well. They were talented, well liked, charismatic, and had a strong sense of judgement. Aged fifteen, they began to see what the angels in the sky see when they look upon the world; darkness, despair, chaos and certain self-annihilation. Rifts of hatred and mistrust between three major religions would prevent the light of hope from piercing through, when they all shared common roots. They would stand for this no more. A new order was to be founded. New ways of life and worship should arise. New commandments should be written on new tablets. New brotherhoods should be formed, and new friendships forged. A fusion of three religions is what ensued, brought up to date for the modern day. It would be all of them, and it would be none. It's name - The Master Church.



The formation of the Master Church went well. In its first few years it gathered over five million global followers. The three angelic leaders would travel around performing miracles, righting wrongs, slaying the wicked and preaching their creed. By the time they were 25, through manipulation of mass media, hear say and straight miracle-performance they would command the faith of over two hundred million souls focused in America, Mexico, South Europe and the Middle-East, including elite orders, the Hashshashin and Manus Dei. The time had come. Their followers would march on the holy cities, Rome, Mecca and Jerusalem. Mecca was first and quickly routed, since most of the Hashshasin had defected and tore down defenses from within. The population was decimated as those faithful took up sword and gun to protect every inch of ground, but to no avail. The assault on Rome was much more difficult. After mecca was taken, entire garrisons were sent by Freedom Force Elite to defend both it and Jerusalem. The assualt was focused on Rome as the next objective, and over the next few years, the Master Church wore down the defenses and intrest of the force's troops. When times looked grim for Rome, unlikely backup flooded in from the north as the Fourth Reich mowed the American, French and Spanish troops down from behind, with assistance from a force of IOM's experimental 'conquest' robots. Their forces made rapid progress, and as rome was on the verge of 'liberation', a deal was struck with what was thought to be IOM officials and the mechanoid backup turned against the Reich, flipping the city's control like a loaded Othello board. This was only the second bloodiest battle Rome would see that century. The capture of Jerusalem was a failure, as the Terrible Hand of YHWH absolutely refused to allow Jerusalem to be taken by this strange cult and Freedom Force Elite agreed. The Master Church was forced to withdraw as too many of their citizens were being butchered by The Destroyer and seemingly invincible allies. With two cities secured, the Master Church kept previous holy sites well maintained and undefiled as best they could, and allowed the citizens of the old religion to freely live in them along side their own converts. Those that stayed quickly elected to convert under the pressure of vicious demogoguery and preaching. Muslims from the middle east that fled were forced to live on the outskirts of their once proud home, sandwiched between the Master Church and Industrial O'M, on the steppes of Russia, or the arid landscapes of Egypt and the rest of North Africa. Many fled to the Arabian desert to join Freedom Force Elite in the artificial environment city they created there. Italian refugees who survived Rome were invited to live in the Fourth Reich as citizens, join the master church, or move to Spain or Britain under the protection of Freedom Force Elite. Many members of the roman church, including the pope, chose to flee to the Reich to carry on their work. The converts who betrayed the Vatican were given high positions in its running, including the election of a new 'Master Pope' who would govern the vatican, Euripean affairs and take care of former Christians, and still a few were scattered amongst independent states.



Theta Wars

Here follows a list of The Master Church's rivals in the Theta Wars and their relationships.
Time Nazis:
Chrono Force Elite:
Alpha Machine:
Industrial O'M:
Hiroshima Aruki Chrono Soldiers (HACS):
Department T of British Military Intelligence: