The Mind Virus

The Mind Virus is a supernatural, psychotic hivemind. Its origin is unknown, but it appears to be some kind of psychic effect. It is telepathic, reaching out to vulnerable minds and incorporating them into itself. Those incorporated into the Mind Virus are turned into berserk madmen, attempting to kill the nearest person to them with their bare hands, nails and teeth. Their eyes glow red and they become a kind of relay for the Mind Virus, allowing people close to them to be incorporated.

When those incorporated into the Mind Virus die, their souls become part of the Mind Virus. Thus with every person infected, the Mind Virus grows stronger, while no death diminishes it. The Mind Virus has consumed entire worlds in this way.

The Mind Virus has broken out on Earth on a few occasions, always being initially transmitted through a portal from a parallel universe. Every time so far, the Mind Virus has been successfully contained, those taken by it killed from a distance and the portal sealed. However, each time, the Mind Virus has been stronger than the time before, capable of assimilating more minds more rapidly. Assuming continuing research into parallel universes, it seems only a matter of time before the Mind Virus gets loose on Earth and cannot be stopped.