The Savage Hughniverse

Playing around with some ideas for running the Hughniverse using Savage Worlds.

First off, let's convert an easy character across systems. Nick Slater is a 60cp OAGS character, so let's see how many points he is in SW. Here's an attempt to do him at 100xp. There are a lot of places where I could spend more points, but I'm trying to fit him into some sensible number of points.

Let's try Mr. Wright

My impression on relative power levels:

A starting Savage Worlds character is roughly equal to a 25cp OAGS character.

A 45cp OAGS character (roughly the James Bond/Sherlock Holmes pulp hero level of points) is roughly equal to a high Veteren or low Heroic tier Savage Worlds character.

60cp OAGS characters like Omega Team are far, far into Legendary. It's probably not viable to run a Hughniverse game using SW with such individuals as PCs, but they can probably be statted as monsters.