The Scagnetti Mafia Family

The Scagnettis are a Mafia family. They are sometimes called the Sixth Family. Oganized crime in New York City is mostly under the control of the Five Families of the so-called Commission; the Corleones, Tattaglias, the Barzinis, the Cuneos and the Straccis. The Scagnettis used to be a minor family- poor relations of the Barzinis- but over the 1990s they expanded their operations into an area of the city's underworld so far untouched by the Five Families; the city's occult community.

The road was not easy. Power-mad warlocks take poorly to being told what to do. Nevertheless, the Scagnetti's Mafia ruthlessness, combined with their plentiful access to money and guns allowed them to strong-arm their way into control of the city's arcane underbelly. They cut deals with the more powerful players and threatened the less powerful into compliance.

Some of the city's more ethical sorcerers saw the advantages of Scagnetti dominance of the city when they destroyed the New York branch of Satan's Chosen Temple, rescuing a class of school children the satanists had intended to sacrifice to Lucifer. Meanwhile, the brutal murder of Louis Kernshaw, a powerful sorcerer who had declared that he'd rather burn the city to the ground than watch the Mafia take control of its occult underground, convinced many that fighting the Scagnetti was not worth the trouble.