The Telepath Guild

Deep in a basement somewhere in Shanghai there is a profane experiment in progress. Several dozen jars with wires streaming out of them containing a brain each, peeking out of the opaque green gunk that keeps it moist and microbe-free. All these wires lead to one central unit - a giant machine of unfathomable complexity, utilizing all manner of xenotech, human hardware and a few magickal measures here and there. Amongs the machines it's part-witch, part-technican stewards work, test and maintain the monstrous machine.

These brains, of course, are those of slain telepaths. They are kept in a semi-sapient state, not living, not entirely dead. The machine stimulates and manipulates their psychic abilities upon the commands of remote users and fires the power into the nervous system of the recipient, who then unleashes it in the same manner as a psychic power. To command and recieve these psychic abilities, a user must have a TpG-300r or TpG-300t chip implanted onto their cerebral cortex. Before they can be implanted, a user must practice rigourous quasi-psychic excercises and some other minor nervous implants so that the psychic energy doesn't fry their brain. After implantation, they then undergo a difficult training program for their selected powers before they are allowed full access to the Telepath Guild.

Needless to say, this is a machine that can grant someone the gift of telepathy if they don't already have it, making it extremely valuable and its owner extremly powerful. That particular honour goes to Xue Jiao of Xue Jing ltd, a corporate front for a xenotech research group - one of the scant few that Bureau-13 permit to exist in China in exchange for the valuable assistance Jiao gives them in apprehending occultists. If they were to learn about her affiliations with Interest-9, the Bureau may reconsider their stance on her.