The Treaty

Known Terms

Confirmed by Loyalist Angels and empirical evidence.

  • Neither side may forcibly abduct human souls, except as otherwise specified
  • No Rebel Angels may enter Jerusalem, Mecca or Rome
  • No Loyalist Angels may enter Los Angeles, Volgograd or Johannesburg.
  • Rebel Angels may forcibly claim souls traded to them, even if the mortal involved changes their mind.
  • Rebel Angels may forcibly claim the souls of Beings of Darkness.
  • Loyalist Angels may take souls sworn to God directly to Heaven upon the instant of death.
  • No Angel may incarnate upon the Earth, with two exceptions
    • When a soul they have the right to claim cannot be claimed any other way.
    • Loyalist Angels may incarnate within Jerusalem, Mecca or Rome.
    • Rebel Angels may incarnate within Los Angeles, Volgograd or Johannesburg.
  • Michael may not incarnate upon the Earth and may only come to Earth incorporeally within Jerusalem, Mecca or Rome. In addition, he may not possess an unwilling vessel.
  • Lucifer may not leave Hell.
  • Rebel Angels are permitted to lie about the terms of the Treaty.
  • Dracula has been known to force ghosts through gates to Hell. While Loyalist Angels are permitted to intervene (and have done so, when they could), this is apparently not a violation of the Treaty on the part of Hell.

Alleged Terms

Claimed by Loyalists, but unconfirmed or not confirmable.

  • Some of the terms of the Treaty may not be told to mortals, despite the Loyalist Angels wanting to tell us more.
  • Loyalists are also permitted to lie about the Treaty, but do not.
  • There exists a concise, persuasive and logically sound proof of God's existence which Loyalist Angels may not inform mortals of, due to the Treaty.

Possible Past Violations

  • Vengeance is a sword that can force a soul into hell if it is used to slay its vessel. Its creator, Kronus is often theorised to be a guise or associate of Lucifer, though no proof at all is available and it is strongly refuted by the rebels. Whatever the cause, both sides have agreed to meet with and turn over the sword to Azrael if it comes to their possession. It is unlikely that the rebels will make good of this promise, instead they will probably try and 'lose' it into the hands of one whose heart is truly black.