The Vault

The Vault was the Agency's storage facility for items that were considered too dangerous to store elsewhere. It was part of the Agency's island base in the mid-Pacific.

As of the Agency's dissolution in November 2009, it contained;


Items considered too dangerous to experiment with
Foetal material from the Antichrist.
An alien artefact which fell to Earth from outer space.
Azazel, a fallen angel in the form of a sword.
The cryo-frozen body of Baba Yaga


Items considered highly dangerous if not properly handled
Three ICBMs with Nuclear warheads.
One suitcase nuke.
A cursed deck of cards.
The cryo-frozen bodies of Lydia Zenkorat, John Black, Sven Varkonov, Jack the Ripper and Elissinia


Items considered to be only moderately dangerous
An Atlantean orb, capable of controlling the weather
The Philosopher's Stone
A seamingly indestructable silver cylinder
A fragment of the True Cross
The cryo-frozen body of Elsa Kloch
The cryo-frozen bodies of about a dozen other occult criminals captured by the Agency.