The Veil

The Veil is a magickal effect acting upon the entire human race. It makes people extremely reluctant to accept supernatural explanations for supernatural events until the evidence is utterly incontravertable. Interestingly, the Veil has no effect on people finding supernatural explanations for natural events. This produces the amusing effect(at least, amusing to those who have cast off the Veil) or some people believing that the astral vibrations of crystals cured their asthma but stubbornly being certain that a werewolf who killed dozens of people in front of them was mearly a bear.

Given enough evidence, people can throw off the Veil. After they accept a supernatural explanation for a supernatural event, the Veil has no further effect on them. In addition, the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter or the seventh son of a seventh son is unaffected by the veil.

The Veil is a result of a ritual cast by Merlin about a thousand years prior to the birth of Christ.