Thiealek Arsenal

Thiealek Defender (3cp): You are a standard combatant in the Thiealek forces - most likely a youngblood fresh out of education or a citizen defense force member. For each mission, you are assigned a standard weapon and a shield programmed with two configurations.

Thiealek Combatant (6cp): You are a career combatant in the Thiealek forces - perhaps you are a professional defender, an airman, or a member of a strike force. For each mission, you are assigned a standard weapon and a shield programmed with two configurations. You are also given a utility item.

Theialek Standard Weapons
Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Laser Lance +4 One Handed Half Soak, Piercing, Laser
Laser Sword +4 One Handed Half Soak, Blade, Laser
Plilver Javelin +6 One Handed Piercing, Silver
Teslos Blade +6 One Handed Blade, Electric
Projection Blaster 12 One Handed Ranged, Short Range, Laser

Laser Lance - By far and away the most widely used weapon amongst Thiealeks, with every last Thiealek being required to utterly master its use before they can be permitted into adulthood. It uses a projected energy laser to create an incredibly sharp point and a gyro unit to act as a counterbalance. Can be thrown.
Laser Sword - A design similar to the laser lance that the projected energy laser is formed into a long blade, and the gyro unit's balance is used to improve the force of the swing.
Plilver Javelin - Thiealex's limited selection of minerals rarely yield lodes of silver, which can be a deadly deficiency when faced with Chakalek werebeasts. This has been overcome with a particularly advanced molecular technique that synthesizes silver atoms and permeates them throughout a special plastic, giving it silverlike properties.
Teslos Blade - A short, hefty sword, much like a gladius that has an electric field generator attached to it, enhancing its damage and giving a critical edge over robots.
Projection Blaster - A rarely seen, but often deadly pistol that fires the same sort of projected energy that makes up the business end of the laser lance.

Theialek Shield Configurations
Configuration Ability Bonus Handedness Special Rules
Projection Shield +1 Dodge, +2 Block One-Handed +2 damage with shield bash
Breaker Shield +1 Dodge, +2 Block One-Handed Shield bash initiates a knockdown or shove attack
Grabber Shield +1 Dodge, +2 Block One-Handed Grabber Shield
Energy Wall +3 Dodge One-Handed Resistance: Bullets, Fire and Lasers
Beacon +0 Defense One-Handed 10 Soak vs Splash, Area or Large Area attacks, Cannot move

Thiealek shields are projected from a special, programmable armbrace. Switching shield settings can be done whilst moving or full defending, but not on the same turn as attacking. Each armbrace comes with two programs that are chosen from the above list.

Projection Shield: A small, round shield that is covered in razor-sharp micro grooves.
Breaker Shield: A small, square shield that is programmed to focus all the weight of a shield impact into the target's perceived center of gravity.
Grabber Shield: A small, square shield that is able to fasten itself tight to any weapon impacting on it. If the character blocks a melee attack and wins by more than 2, they may choose to initiate a disarm attack that already passes the melee test.
Energy Wall: A shield that is a large rectangle, about the height of and twice as broad as the wearer. Offers excellent protection against an onslaught of incoming fire, but largely useless against melee attacks.
Beacon: Creates a thin shell of projected energy all around the character that heavily resists indirect fire. Thiealek area weapons can fire at the character with +3 to hit.

Theialek Utility Items
Item Special Rules
Kinetic Boots Fast 2, Leaping
Grav-Breaker Leaping, Glide
Blind Device +4 Stealth
Armbrace Deluxe Medic, Mechanic (Any Specialty), -1 Dodge
Friend Computer Armbrace Hacker, Incorporates an intelligent computer
Seismic Shaper Control Earth: Moderate
Atmospheric Manipulation Device Control Air: Moderate
Mesmerism Goggles Hypnosis
Medical Beam Healing, Ranged, Heavy 1