Theta Squad H

These are campaign details!

Sup. This is a game I (the goddamn Karolicker) intend to run on saturdays during term at some point. It'll be a short one, six episodes tops, which will be sequelled if successful. Its aim is to introduce and explain bits of the Theta Wars to players, and hopefully develop a solid idea of what sort of things are done in those times.

It will be set in the Theta Wars. Candidates will be picked from sedentaries existing in 2133, 21 years on from the creation of the first theton collider, and before a proper war has been established. This is the time that the veil shielding humanity from magick is beginning to tear apart, and all of those who will join the squad have at least either been exposed to supernatural effects, xenoforms, or xenotech. The hoped product of this are characters who are largely equipped with mundane skills and technology with glimmers of supernatural stuff, or more appropriately, the sort of people with supernatural experience that Hugh Charlesworthy would pick up. Examples would be things like benevolent warlocks, somewhat enhanced humans, emergent psychics, gearheads, cyberpunks, and so on. Hugh is distrustful of xenoforms and slightly afraid of fae, but even he will bend his back a little for someone who he knows is truly good (which would explain why he puts up with Jack Steen so much) and is grudgingly willing to extend his selection criteria the sort of xenos and fae who look and act mostly human and are unquestionably righteous. Hugh is keen to recruit former members of the theta factions, as they have a particular motivation to work against them and some access to the secrets of their former masters. Obviously, working for Hugh requires one to be of sufficient moral fiber.

Characters start at a nice, round 50 points. Keeping within human limits is preferred if you are human, however as said before, you'll likely have a small supernatural bent so they can possibly be waived with a good explanation. Post character concepts or whatever here, or tell me your premise somehow. I'll run with 4 players minimum.