OAGS Theta Technological Items

Work in Progress

These are the sorts of special issue items found all over the world during the theta wars. They are mostly technological in their workings, but a few are enchanted to gain their effect.

The purchase of any technological item also grants proficiency in its use. Theta Arsenal training is also required for any weapons listed, and powered armor training for any listed power armor, but even if you have these you need the relevant technological item entry on your character sheet to use it properly. For example, if you shoot Kaori Tamakeri and take her Custom Phase Violator, even if you are the most well-trained theta warrior in the entire world, you will still suffer the usual penalties for nonproficiency unless you have your own custom phase violator. You will also most likely have a horrifying (and appropriately chosen by the GM) accident when you try and reload or fiddle with it. Any character with the theta war engineer advantage can use any of these items. Any.

Slightly Technological Items

Slightly Technological Items cost 1cp each.

Set of Anti-Grav Struts: Three small, rectangular blocks that float in place when turned on, most often found in military grey, or military green. Most commonly affixed to big guns or other huge things to lighten them. A set of anti-grav struts affixed to a gun or object reduces the strength required to lift and use it by 2. AGSes are simple to attach to objects, but take half an hour of delicate work by a Theta War engineer to remove. Only one set of struts can reasonably be attached to a heavy weapon at once, but multiples can be used to float large objects.

Lipstick Laser: A simple short-life laser concealed inside a lipstick case, carried by some women for the purpose of self defense. 10 damage, short range, laser, subtle. The lipstick laser can only be shot once before it has to be recharged. Comes in cranberry communism, scarlet santa, red red, or mocha choca coffee mystery.

X-Ray Shades: A pair of clunky, unstylish shades that allows the wearer to see in the X-ray spectrum. Medical issue only.

Neural Bike Helmet: A sleek biker helmet with a computerized visor and ambient neural feed. Affords +1 soak, -1 perception and can replace a helmet in any armor configuration. Grants the ace driver advantage while on a bike or jetbike, and incorporates a voice-controlled GPS system which rides off the back of any nearby GPS satellite.

Minor Technological Items

Minor Technological Items cost 3cp each.

NanomailTM Business Armor: A business suit made from metallic weave as hard as steel, absolutely indistinguishable from a businessman's business suit. 4 Soak. Business armor does not require any proficiency other than its own.

CFE Body Armour: This suit of ultra-Kevlar body armour is designed to protect its wearer from the most common perils of the Theta Wars. In addition to the soak it provides, the wearer enjoys Resistance to Fire and Lasers and complete immunity to Time Nazi pain ammo. Includes a helmet.
Armour: Soak 5, Armour Penalties: -1 Athletics, Block, Dodge and Perception.

Chameleon Bodyglove: A bodyglove made of high tech fibers and projection technology. Grants 1 soak, +1 stealth and +1 dodge. It can also be changed to look like a range of programmable suits, from plain clothes and suits to fatigues and discowear.

Jump Jet: A back-mounted unit that is much lighter than the more conventional personal flight devices of the theta wars. Grants leaping, and you count as having +2 athletics whilst leaping. Makes you immune to falling damage.

Moderate Technological Items

Moderate Technological Items cost 6cp each.

Exomuscular Suit: A freakish construction of powered metallic muscles over a conventional bodyglove that improve the wearer's muscular function. Soak 4, +1 strength, Fast, Leaping.

Light Absorbing Bodyglove: A nanomailTM bodyglove that grants a +4 bonus to Stealth.

Soulvoid Harness: This sinister piece of equipment is a grey X-shaped polysynth harness with a tech module module front and back. When turned on the user's very soul is suppressed, and the user becomes a without. While they are a without, their aura is also suppressed. While using the harness, the character suffers a -4 penalty to all Socialize checks. When turned back on, the wearer's soul is gradually restored over about 15 seconds. Prolonged exposure to the effects of this machine can cause various supernatural sicknesses, and fiddling with it while active can cause serious repercussions. If someone with true faith uses this machine, it breaks and bursts out into flames.

Major Technological Items

Major Technological Items cost 9cp each.

Executive Sky Dragon Satellite Remote: This item allows the user to use the sky dragon satellite without a hacker check, and with +2 to the Intelligence roll, as described on its rules page.