Theta Wars

Not many people realise it, but the world in modern times is controlled by secret societies, these societies vary in their awareness of the occult, and of time travel, but they do have one thing in common, the unnatural amount of influence they have over mankind. The future however is controlled by forces vastly more secretive and powerful. In 2112 the brilliant scientist Dr Rodger Springer builds the first Theton Collider creating a Temporal Nexus and allowing any organisation with enough money the ability to travel through time, although not to any time before the creation of the Nexus. Six groups, the Theta Factions, emerge to master this new technology. They manipulate time and the secret societies of today to help themselves reach their only goal; ultimate control of the future.

The Secret Societies: The four secret societies that the Theta Factions seek to manipulate in order to shape the future, are; Interest-9, the Illuminati, The Brotherhood and God's Chosen. MJ-12 is no longer truly secret by the time of the Theta Wars, it's agenda being openly propagated by Chrono-Force Elite, while the Knights Templar were destroyed before the Theta Colliders came online.

The Theta Factions: The six Theta Factions are; Chrono-Force Elite, Industrial O’m, N, Alpha-Machine, the SS Zeitkommando (Time Nazis) and The Master Church.

Hugh Charlesworthy, thanks to his unique Charlesworthy time engine is able to travel in time freely, and without those "pesky Thetons" He spends a lot of time ensuring that history post the invention of the nexus do sent become too much of an uninhabitable quagmire. If they worked together the theta factions could probably remove the meddling Charlesworthy from the timeline, however, they find it much more useful to subtly manipulate circumstances so that he comes across and foils the plans of there rival factions.

Hiroshima Aruki Chrono Soldiers (HACS) are a force based in Japan sworn to bring each theta faction down. They were founded in response to the creation of the temporal nexus, and have a limited ability to send a few genetically modified spies back to the past, even before the nexus. Perhaps it is those six souls that may save the future?


The goal of each Theta faction is to manipulate future events so that the ultimate future is controlled by them. There are a large amount of these significant events which can each greatly swing the balance of the future's fate. These events are all categorised and documented meticulously and are referred to in a general term as butterflies. Not all butterflies are destined to happen, indeed, relatively few compared to the great many possible can make up a timeline which stretches right to the outer boundary of theton-based travel. Theta agents travel through time, working to cause and prevent these events. It is believed that once a timeline has stacked up enough butterflies in the favour of one faction, they going ultimate control of the future and can use the near limitless resources they gain to conquer the past right back to the nexus.