Theta Weapons

These are the various weapons used by Theta Wars Factions.


If you have any theta weapon proficiency at all, you are able to use the Theta Melee weapons.

Fiend Glove - This is a gauntlet made out of thick synthmetals and hyperplastics which ends mid-forearm and has a system of workings that reaches the shoulders. The tips of the fingers are sharp but the palms are flat. Anyone using a fiend glove to try and crush or hold onto anything counts as having 4 more points of strength to do so. Anyone wearing a fiend glove can still hold other items in that hand, though the fiend glove grants no bonuses to its use. The fiend glove makes fine manipulation with the fingers impossible.
Morning Comet - A device invented by the Time Nazis to fight the various robotic forces of IOM, the design was soon taken up by all who would face the megacorp. Its damage type can be switched via the twist of a know and takes no action at all.
Laser Projection Macana - Though none have yet managed to invent the sacred 'beam sword', the closest they have come is LP macana which consists of a long, flat metal paddle from which small laser 'teeth' are emitted. The heat intensity of this laser can be adjusted.
Gavinblade - This peculiar weapon is smaller than most swords due it it being made of a platinum alloy. Its pommel can be loaded with a canister of liquid that is unloaded into the hollow blade and delivered straight into a wound through its special osmosis pores. However, it seems as if the only type of canister this 'Gavin' bothered to invent was a potent acid injection.
Dragonflame Greatsword - This massive sword has a fuel line running up its blade that can shoot a short burst of fire before it gets buried in the head of some poor lobo or soldat. It can release its payload once before you need to change its fuel canister, which takes 2 rounds. The round after the fire release, the blade is superheated and deals 6 extra damage.
Ripper Saw - A monstrosity of a weapon, only the most psychopathic of all Time Nazis have any intentions of getting near one of these things. Though intensely damaging, the bizarre configuration of motors, rotors and moving things seem to give it a mind of its own. When you roll to hit, refer to the crazy man's burden table.

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Fiend Glove Strength + 4 One Piercing
Morning Comet Strength + 7 One Electric OR Blunt, -1 Defense
LP Macana Strength + 5 One Laser OR Fire, Tank Eater
Gavinblade Strength +4 One Pain Ammo, Blade
Dragonflame Greatsword Double Strength + 10 Two Blade
Dragonflame Greatsword (Release) 8 Two Area
Ripper Double Strength + 20 Two -1 Defense, -1 Athletics, Crazy Man's Burden

Standard Production

These weapons are available widely across the globe during the theta wars. They are used by The Master Church, The Alpha Machine, and anyone not associated with a theta faction. If you are trained in standard production weapons, you gain military weapon training for free.

Randall Laser .45 Civilian Issue - As america spreads its influence over the world like an alpha lion spreads his seed across weaker countries, so too does it bring its products. The Randal .45 Civ is a weedier version of its CFE counterpart and a standard laser sidearm of the masses.
Coulter Machine Pistol - A compact SMG designed to be held easily in either one hand or two.
Coulter Light Machine Gun - A machine gun that can be used with a bipod, or when carried by a soldier with more balls than brains.
Rosetta Ion Rifle - This is a longrifle that fires a special xenon charge that heats up to plasma as it travels.
Delta Flamethrower - Similar to standard flamethrowers of our time, but using a more efficient delivery and fuel supply. The flame can also be set to a focus mode, shooting a short jet of blue flame that can be used in melee.
Delta Grenade Launcher - A grenade launcher that fires highly explosive pipe bombs. Can be used to fire pipebombs at high velocity like rockets instead.

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Randall Laser (Civ) 8 One Laser
Coulter Machine Pistol 5 One Two Shots
Coulter Machine Pistol 5 Two Three Shots
Coulter Light Machine Gun 9 Heavy (Min Str 3) Three Shots
Rosetta Ion Rifle 12 Two Ionising, Sticky
Delta Flamethrower 10 Heavy (Min Str 3) Area, Burning
Delta Flamethrower 4+Str Two Melee, Fire, Half Soak
Delta Grenade Launcher 12 Heavy (Min Str 3) Area, Indirect Fire, Tank Eater

Time Nazis

Solenoid Parabellum - Coloquially the 'Rail Luger', this reworking of the old german favourite utilises a super-miniturized solenoid to fire a heftier calibre bullet than its 20th century progenitor.
Pain Rifle - The delicate insides of this semi-auto are likely to get jammed if fired in more than one shot bursts. Used with open-tipped ammo that releases corrosive material once embedded into a victim's body.
Führy - A special SMG that can unleash an unusually large amount of bullets before losing accuracy to recoil.
OMShrek - A rocket launcher originally designed to blow up tanks and low flying aircraft, modified to also be effective at destroying robots.

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Rail Luger 10 One -
Pain Rifle 10 Two Pain Ammo, Sticky, Two Shots
Führy 5 Two Four Shots
OMShrek 13 Heavy(Minimum Str 3) Area, Tank Eater

Chrono Force Elite

Randall Laser .45 - Arguably the coolest weapon in extistence, as it is Jack Steen's sole weapon choice. Can be bought commercially to fire lasers in Red or Green, and Blue or Violet for the military. Yes, I realise calibers for laser weapons are largely redundant.
Colt Optical Carbine - A laser update of the famous weapon used worldwide. Fires Blue or Violet lasers.
Colt Optical Chaingun - A hefty machine gun that uses Randall laser technology.
Colt Optical Decimator - A shoulder-mounted bazooka that fires blisteringly hot and frighteningly powerful focussed beams of death.

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Randall Laser (Civ) 8 One Laser
Randall Laser (Mil) 8 One Laser, Halves Soak
Randall Optical Carbine 8 Two Laser, Halves Soak, Two Shots
Randall Optical MG 9 Heavy (Min Str 5) Laser, Halves Soak, Three Shots
Randall Optical Decimator 24 Heavy(Min Str 5) Laser, Ignores Soak

Industrial O'M

IOM do not produce weapons designed for human use. Even the sergeantry-based battlefield roles that are filled by humans go into battle unarmed. These IOM weapons are designed exclusively to be mounted upon a purpose-built robot. However, it is often the case that these are torn off the corpses of a vanquished droid and re-mounted on powered armor or robot suits or welded to a make-shift tank by battlefield engineers.

IOM Jenke Plasmatic Mk VII - The most common form of this weapon is by a very long way a module that can plug into a lower elbow socket of any IOM droid, replacing its forearm, but can take form of nearly any kind of robot attachment. A multi-armed IOM droid can weild as many of these as it has arms! These contain their own dynamo power-sources, but can only be activated through its socket's interface.
IOM Chan Phase Generator - A gigantic and terrible weapon that fires quantum material derived from theton waste material to create a tiny area of temporary singularity at its landing point which then collapses and fills a small area with a perfect vacuum. This vacuum then causes a large implosion as the surrounding air, building and bits of tank rush to fill it, ensuring a gory death for all caught inside.
IOM Geoffreys Plasrama Mk II - A relatively new weapon, this is essentially a plasma chaingun. Each time it is fired, it shoots six small, flux smelling plasma projectiles.

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Jenke Plasmatic 12 One Fire
Phase Generator (Quantum) 16 Mounted Large Area, Requires Power
Phase Generator (Singularity) 16 Mounted Area, Halves Soak, Requires Power
Geoffreys Plasrama 4 Heavy(Minimum Str 4) Fire, Six Shots, Cumulative


Wand of Slei - This is a standard looking pistol with tiny prayers to Slei engraved upon it. Nevertheless, its functioning is purely technological. It fires ammo that shatters on imapct, its pieces embedding into the victim's body. Each fragment then continues to shoot great jolts of electricity peridoicaly, renergising themsleves via kinesis.
Heartbeat of the Shattered World Assault - A long-barreled rifle that fires silent burst of super-heated air. The Nitrogen ionises into plasma mid flight and delivers a very damaging payload. Any oxygen along the way is dragged by the 'pulse' and feeds the rapid combustion on impact.
Mighty Fist of Ascension - This is a bazooka-like shoulder-mounted cannon that works in the same way as the Heartbeat.
Compression Carbine - Fires five unheated 'pulses' together in a tight pentagon at high speeds. This does little damage, but packs an incredible knockback.

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Wand of Slei 9 One Pain Ammo, Electric
Heartbeat Assault 6 Two Half Soak, Fire, Ionisation, Two shots
Mighty Fist 9 Heavy(Minimum Strength 5) Area, Half Soak, Fire, Ionisation
Compression Carbine 5 Two Knockback, Melee ready, Short Range, Blunt

Theta Weapon Rules

Theta Weapons use some exotic rules. They are Described here.

Sticky - The weapon has a delicate mechanism and is likely to jam under too much stress. If more than one shot is fired each turn, make an intelligence check on difficulty 3. If failed, the gun jams and the weilder must spend a combat action to un-jam it again. The shots are still fired.
Pain Ammo - The gun uses special ammo that causes more pain than it's due. On taking damage, victims must pass a toughness check on difficulty 3 or be act as if they were on -3 wound penalty for the rest of combat. Furthermore, they count as being at least at -1 until they see a doctor to get the bullet completely removed.
Tank Eater - The weapon's ammo is particularly harmful to things made of metal. Tanks, planes, ships and robots made of metal have half soak against these weapons.
Fire - Weapon is flame or plasma based. Some things may be more or less damaged by it. Ignites combustibles.
Laser - Weapon is a laser. Some things may be more or less damaged by it.
Electric - Weapon uses electricity. Some things may be weak to it, like robots, and some things may be immune, like a Geodude.
Large Area - This weapon has an area effect of 20 feet.
Requires Power - This weapon must be plugged into a power source more powerful than mains electricity, usually an immediately nearby generator. It can be plugged into mains electricity, but fires at half rate.
Cumulative - Multiple shots from this weapon that land on the same target in the same turn add up together rather than being counted seperately.
Ionisation - The further the projectile from this gun flies, the more chance it has to ionise and ignite. This gun does double damage at long range.
Knockback - When an enemy is hit by this weapon, they are knocked back 5 feet for each point the firer beats the target's defense by. It is possible to completely resist being knocked back.
Melee Ready - This gun can be used in melee with a melee check instead of marksmanship, and suffers no penalties.
Crazy Man's Burden - When you have determined whether or not you have hit the enemy, refer to the crazy man's burden table.

Crazy Man's Burden

Dice Hit Miss
More + than - Second swing at random enemy Second swing at random ally
More - than + Hits all adjacent combatants Wielder Knocked Prone
No + Weapon gets stuck in target Weapon strikes weilder
No - Weapon acts as normal Weapon acts as normal
All Blank Critical Hit Weapon Breaks