Theta Weapons

All Theta Weapons require Hi-Tech Weapons Training.

Time Nazis

Solenoid Parabellum - Coloquially the 'Rail Luger', this reworking of the old german favourite utilises a super-miniturized solenoid to fire a heftier calibre bullet than its 20th century progenitor.
Pain Rifle - This semi-automatic rifle fires tiny spines that stick deep into the victim's flesh where they release a crippling acid that causes horrific pain. Useful for the frequent occasions that the Time Nazis want someone alive.
Führy - A special SMG that can unleash an unusually large amount of bullets before losing accuracy to recoil. A fuhry can have its forehandle removed for one handed use, such as by that of the Manus Dei loyal to the time Nazis, and can be used with Hand of God combat style.
Übernade - A weighty grenade that produces a focused explosive blast used for fighting IOM robots and heavily armored enemies.
Panzernade - A frisbee shaped grenade that can be thrown beneath tanks and vehicles. Produces an intense upward-blasting payload. Can be set as a landmine.
Einvolk Duelling Sword - A simple, classy and very finely balanced sword designed for classy officer duels.
Fiend Glove - This is a gauntlet made out of thick synthmetals and hyperplastics which ends mid-forearm and has a system of workings that reaches the shoulders. The tips of the fingers are sharp but the palms are flat. Anyone using a fiend glove to try and crush or hold onto anything counts as having 4 more points of strength to do so. Anyone wearing a fiend glove can still hold other items in that hand, though the fiend glove grants no bonuses to its use. The fiend glove makes fine manipulation with the fingers impossible.
Ripper Saw - A monstrosity of a weapon, only the most psychopathic of all Time Nazis have any intentions of getting near one of these things. Though intensely damaging, the bizarre configuration of motors, rotors and moving things seem to give it a mind of its own. When you roll to hit, refer to the crazy man's burden table.

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Rail Luger 10 One Quick Draw, Subtle
Pain Rifle 10 Two Pain Ammo, Two Shots
Führy 6 Two Three Shots, Half Soak
Übernade 10 Two Small area, Half Soak
Panzernade 20 Two No Soak
Dual Führies 6 Two Four Shots, Half Soak, Minimum Strength 6
Einvolk Duelling Sword Strength + 6 One Blade
Fiend Glove Strength + 4 One Piercing
Ripper Saw Double Strength + 16 Two -1 Defense, -1 Melee, Crazy Man's Burden

Chrono Force Elite

Randall Laser .45 - Arguably the coolest weapon in existence, as it is Jack Steen's sole weapon choice. Can be bought commercially to fire lasers in Red or Green, and Blue or Violet for the military. Yes, they realise calibers for laser weapons are largely redundant.
Randall Optical Nine - A compact weapon designed for easy concealment, maintenance and usage. Weapon of choice for Manus Dei monks loyal to The Master Church.
Randall Optical Carbine - A laser update of the famous Colt M4 used worldwide. Fires Blue or Violet lasers.
Randall Optical Chaingun - A hefty machine gun that uses Randall laser technology.
Randall Optical Decimator - A shoulder-mounted bazooka that fires blisteringly hot and frighteningly powerful focused beams of death.
QED Magnetic Tomahawk - A stylish axe that can be used both thrown and in melee. When used against anything made of metal, it has +2 to hit and sticks fast to it, requiring a difficulty 5 strength check to wrench back off. Often strapped with potent explosives before thrown.

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Randall Laser (Civ) 8 One Laser
Randall Laser (Mil) 10 One Laser, Halves Soak
Randall Optical Nine 9 Two Laser, Halves Soak, Two Shots, Subtle, Quick Draw
Randall Optical Carbine 10 Two Laser, Halves Soak, Two Shots
Randall Optical CG 10 Heavy (Min Str 5) Laser, Halves Soak, Three Shots
Randall Optical Decimator 28 Heavy (Min Str 3) Laser, Ignores Soak
QED Magnetic Tomahawk Strength + 4 One Blade, Electric, Short Range

Industrial O'M

IOM do not produce weapons designed for human use. Even the sergeantry-based battlefield roles that are filled by humans go into battle unarmed. These IOM weapons are designed exclusively to be mounted upon a purpose-built robot. However, it is often the case that these are torn off the corpses of a vanquished droid and re-mounted on powered armor or robot suits or welded to a make-shift tank by battlefield engineers.

IOM Jenke Revolutionary Mk VII - This weapon looks like the business end of a chaingun, cut off and mounted on a robot attatchment. The most common form of this weapon is by a very long way a module that can plug into a lower elbow socket of any IOM droid, replacing its forearm, but can take form of nearly any kind of robot attachment. A multi-armed IOM droid can weild as many of these as it has arms!It can only be activated through its socket's interface.
IOM Conrad Seraph Mk II - A collection of miniature rockets held in a drum pod that are fed to a frontal firing mechanism.
IOM Conrad Pixie Bomb - A compact fragmentation grenade with perforated nanofilament wire coiled inside it. When the grenade blows, the wire shatters into hundreds of tiny pieces, lacerating anything in the area.
IOM Koyekk Neurode - A grenade that on impact reacts to nitrogen in the air to create a virulent neurotoxin which disperses into a large, thin cloud. Ideal in an army of robots as they are not affected by the toxin.
IOM Chan Phase Generator - A gigantic and terrible weapon that fires quantum material derived from theton waste material to create a tiny area of temporary singularity at its landing point which then collapses and fills a small area with a perfect vacuum. This vacuum then causes a large implosion as the surrounding air, building and bits of tank rush to fill it, ensuring a gory death for all caught inside.

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Revolutionary 6 One Two Shots
Seraph 12 One -
Pixie Bomb 12 Two Area, Blade
Neurode 7 Two Large Area, Poison, Pain
Phase Generator (Quantum) 10 Mounted (Strength 4) Large Area, Requires Power
Phase Generator (Singularity) 15 Mounted (Strength 4) Area, Halves Soak, Requires Power


Morning Thunder - A weapon designed to obliterate Industrial OM and the Alpha Machine's snooping goons. This Morningstar incorporates a dynamo that fires jolts of electricity down its spikes when swung.
Stormwand - This is a standard looking pistol with tiny prayers to Slei engraved upon it. Nevertheless, its functioning is purely technological. It fires ammo that shatters on imapct, its pieces embedding into the victim's body. Each fragment then continues to shoot great jolts of electricity periodically, renergising themselves via kinesis.
Plasma Storm Assault Rifle - An improvement of the traditional assault rifle design improved to use the plasma ammo that N loves so much. This weapon does not suffer penalties for long range.
Plasma Storm Shotgun - An improvement of the traditional shotgun design improved to use the plasma ammo that N loves so much. Can be converted to a sawn-off variety.
Rosetta Ion Rifle - This is a longrifle that fires a special xenon charge that heats up to plasma as it travels.
Mighty Fist - This is a bazooka-like shoulder-mounted cannon that fires volatile ionizing halogen ammo.
Compression Carbine - Fires five unheated 'pulses' together in a tight pentagon at high speeds. This does little damage, but packs an incredible knockback.

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Morning Thunder Strength + 8 One Electric, Blunt, -1 Defense
Stormwand 9 One Pain Ammo, Electric, Quick Draw
Plasma Storm Assault Rifle 10 Two Half Soak, Fire, Two shots
Plasma Storm Shotgun 20 Two No Soak, Fire, Short Range
Plasma Storm Shotgun (Sawn-off) 10 One No Soak, Fire, Short Range, -1 hit
Rosetta Ion Rifle 13 Two Long Range, Fire, Ionising
Mighty Fist 9 Heavy (Strength 5) Area, Half Soak, Fire, Ionising
Compression Carbine 16 Two Knockback, Short Range, Blunt


These weapons are special and rare, and usually tailored to individuals.

Autocrossbow: This is a light, titanium crossbow with a brushed chrome finish. It can be folded away into a relatively slimline bag for ease of carrying. As well as featuring a clip upgrade making it a semi-automatic weapon, it also has an option to load a single special bolt into the chamber. If the user does this, it can only fire that single special bolt that turn.
Rail Webley: Reverse-engineered from a rail luger to fit the tastes of Department T of British Military Intelligence. Though it appears to be a revolver, its six-gun-appearing mechanism is merely for show.

Weapon Damage Handedness Special Rules
Autocrossbow 12 One Two Shots, Long range, Piercing
Rail Webley 10 One Quick Draw, Subtle

Theta Weapon Rules

Theta Weapons use some exotic rules. They are Described here.

Pain Ammo - For whatever reason, this weapon causes an immense amount of pain. Each time they take at least 1 unsoaked damage, they gain a level of pain. For each level of pain they have, they are at -1 to all rolls. If they reach 4 levels of pain, they are rendered unconscious until the end of combat. They count as being at least at -1 until they see a medic to get the bullet/shards/toxin completely removed.
Fire - Weapon is flame or plasma based. Some things may be more or less damaged by it. Ignites combustibles.
Laser - Weapon is a laser. Some things may be more or less damaged by it.
Electric - Weapon uses electricity. Some things may be weak to it, like robots, and some things may be immune, like a Geodude.
Large Area - This weapon has an area effect of 20 feet.
Requires Power - This weapon must be plugged into a power source more powerful than mains electricity, usually an immediately nearby generator. It can be plugged into mains electricity, but fires at half rate.
Ionisation - The further the projectile from this gun flies, the more chance it has to ionise and ignite. This gun does double damage at long range.
Knockback - When an enemy is hit by this weapon, they are knocked back 2 meters for each point the firer beats the target's defense by. It is possible to completely resist being knocked back.
Crazy Man's Burden - When you have determined whether or not you have hit the enemy, refer to the crazy man's burden table.

Crazy Man's Burden

Dice Hit Miss
More + than - Second swing at random enemy Second swing at random ally
More - than + Hits all adjacent combatants Wielder Knocked Prone
All Blank Critical Hit Weapon Breaks
Equal + and - Normal Hit Normal Miss