Theialek is a race of Xenoform eternally resisting the influence of hell.

The alternate reality known as Herilex is one of the many exact copies of earth with radically different lifeforms and histories. The sky of Herilex is dominated by a large white sun about twice the size of ours and in some parts of the year a brown planet with a spidery magenta dust halo can be seen. This planet is called Theielex, and It is here where the Thielek make a stand against their terrestrial enemies, the Chakalek.

The burning white sun in the skies of Herilex emits a searing light which is completely unbearable to heaven-aligned beings and any kind of angel. Prolonged exposure literally causes the entity to melt. It is also painful for those with true faith to be in, but not quite as deadly. This allows hell a great deal of influence on Herilex, however those who live on Thielex stand defiant against its poisonous spread. Their job is not easy as those from other worlds as God, heaven and his various devoted servants are unable to lend their help. The Theialek would much rather battle the forces of hell alone, viewing this 'God' character as little more than an impotent poser who talks all righteous but give then no hope nor hand against the very real threat of Lucifer.

Theialeks themselves are all very calm, serene and pious. They are much like Mediterranian humans. Almost all have two-toned hair in streaks or patterns determined by genetics which are in the same sort of natural colors as humans. Their range of physical abilites are as humans, they are a dwindling militaristic race and tend to be a lot fitter because of mandatory military training and upkeep. All Thiealek are theoretically extremely able potential mages, however, magick does not work on their planet.

The birth story of the Theialeks is a strange one. They were once Chakaleks, residing on Herilex. When they were just discovering space flight, a large amount were being born with dull hair and eyes, and evidently no psychic power. Needless to say, they were tortured, slaved and ostracized at every opportunity by their cruel rulers. After a covert programme of stealthy research, a consortium of these 'unblessed' who were confused with legitimate Chakalek gathered all others they could find and hijacked the first colonization mission to the planet Theielex, destroying any previous research and tools used. After the twenty or so years it took for the Chakalek to recover and launch their attack, the unblessed were firmly entrenched on the new planet and already had a military set up, as well as having the advantage of infallible defense against magick. A few hundred years later, today, their society is eminently sophisticated. Their space-age cities dot the planet and the fields of orange and pink flora carpet the rest. Among the pride of their development is sentient computers and advanced spaceflight.

The nation Thiealeks grew in and eventually escaped from is called Nasitane, a culture that was technologically advanced with aims to colonize the stars. Theielek culture is a strong reflection of this heritage - emphasis on science and technology, architecture and some traditions are still carried out today. Even their language has remained unchanged for years, and is still called Nasitani. Their most important holiday is known as The Audeia, marking their exodus from their former bretheren. Other important events are Aumachos and Tantalus which mark the beginning and end of invasion season.

Theieleks often come under attack from their hellish ancestors. For a third of a year when the planets are visible to each other, the attacks from herilex are frequent, but easily fended off. No nation on Herilex is willing to co-operate with another to fully invade Theielex, so their attacks are uncoordinated and sporadic. The effort they put in also manages in most cases to upset their economies, research and forces. Their only real worry is the nation of Nasitane who are more advanced than other nations and have the most hatred for their society. They launch a major attack every few years when they have the stockpiled resources to do so. Their attacks can leave the Theielek forces devastated and in low spirits, but thankfully come near the end of 'heathen huntin' season'.

Though they consider themselves different races, Theialeks share the same genetic and evolutionary features as Chakalek, which appear to have been engineered at every turn by hell. Theialeks are blessed with nigh-unbreakable resolve and disciple that runs in psychic races, though they are genetically defective, not being psychic themselves. Theialek (and Chakalek) gestation period is about two and a half months and they reach adulthood at about 12 years of age, allowing for rampant reproduction and rapid replenishment of numbers. They grow old and die at about the same time as humans, if not killed first. Theialeks have no concept of marriage or even exclusive relationships in the usual sense. This ethos was considered abhorrent to their progenitors and simply not desirable by the Theialek. Women are expected to produce an assigned quotient of children in accordance to a carefully planned population projection. They are loosely associated with the child after birth, but it is bought up by the wider community. Because of this model there is no legal or moral requirement for males to remain in contact, and because of the number of offspring he is likely to sire without so much as a thought, not many do.

Theieleks often become ghosts when they die. Hatred against Lucifer and contempt towards God, leave them with no desirable path after death. Those that don't have the will to stay on after life uniformly drift towards heaven, as they are invariably virtuous enough and consider it the lesser of two undesirables. Their ghosts tend to become manifestors over anything else, and are still accepted into society and the military. Indeed, one of their most esteemed generals is an ancient ghost.

Vroeleks are the name given to the Thiealeks who elect to live on space stations or privately funded vessels to escape the anti-magick restraints of Theialex or to escape their strict ways of living. Some serve necessary functions such as orbital patrols, solar explorers, hydroponic farmers and counter-magick study, while some are seen with much disdain such as escaping psychics, for-profit sorcerors, space pirates and so on. These aren't actively hunted but are annihilated with extreme predjudice whenever they are encountered.

For around 50 years Thiealeks have been making progress in the colonization of Mars, or Arealex in their language. These 'Areleks' live in biodomes near the poles that provide adequate atmosphere, pressure and heating for their civilisation to prosper. These people are free and able to practice magick, but still execute all psychics that emerge amongst them. Opinion of them amongst the Theialeks is that they are somewhat complacent as they are under no threat of attack from the Chakaleks, but live in the ideal they long for.