Tiers of Power

This article is written in an out-of-universe style.

This is a vague attempt to sketch out an approximation of power levels.

Tier 1: God, if He exists. May or may not be omnipotent, definately very powerful. Has ability to make new rituals(certainly someone in Heaven does.). Not stated or statable.

Tier 2: Lucifer, Archangel Michael. Beyond the ability of OAGS to really stat, but have definate limits to their power: they can fly at about half light speed and are injured but not killed at ground zero of a nuclear blast. They both have a wide range of supernatual powers and know all Words of Power.

Tier 3: Six-winged Angels, Dragons and probably Odin. Probably between 200cp and 300cp in OAGS and in most cases requiring special rules to stat. Odin is both the head of a pantheon and probably the most powerful wizard in the Hughniverse, Seraphim have 10s across the board and know about half a dozen Words of Power each. Dragons are functionally invulnerable when not about to breathe fire and their fire can destroy most things in the Hughniverse, even normally indestructable things.

Tier 4: Four winged angels, Gaia, the Triple Goddess, Father Time. Between 150 and 200cp

Tier 5: Most gods, two-winged angels, the leaders of the fae, powerful human wizards, very powerful xenoforms, Dracula, Merlin, Hugh Charlesworthy Probably between 100 and 150cp.

Tier 6: Weak gods, most human wizards, powerful sorcerers, powerful xenoforms, the Progenitor vampires. Probably between 75 and 100cp.

Tier 7: The most capable of non-enhanced humans, superhuman xenoforms, Pyramid supersoldiers, powerful vampires, werewolves, powerful ghosts and powerful xenoforms. Probably between 50 and 75cp.

Tier 8: Very capable humans, above average vampires and ghosts, many xenoforms. 40-50cp.

Tier 9: Heroic Humans, most vampires and ghosts, many xenoforms. 30-40cp

Tier 10: The rest of humanity, some xenoforms, some weak ghosts and vampires, zombies. Less than 30cp.