In the late years of the first millenium, and the early ones of the second, the Vikings were a dominant world power waging war in the name of their bloodthirsty gods. This strife caused by their worshippers was the meat upon which they fed and fueled their power. Following the fall of the Vikings, caused ironically by peace, the Norse Gods are but a fraction of what they once were. Still, they continue to exist. Often, they venture out to Midgard to live amongst men. Largely because that's where the best parties are.

Thor, the protector of man, is said to live primarily on Earth. There, he is known as Tor Hammarhål and still carries out his charge even today. He appears to be a tall and muscular man in his thirties, with shoulder-length, raggedy blonde locks and a coarse blonde beard. He currently lives in St. Petersburg, Russia and frequents a finnish-run viking style tavern, in which he frequently meets his two brothers, and any others from Asgard.

As a Norse god, Tor isn't nearly powerful as he was years ago back when Scandinavia's largest export was war, but he is still an incredible warrior. It is speculated that he is even stronger than Odin, but there is no question over who is wisest. Thor's main weapon is his mighty hammer, Mjolnir. Combined with his incredible strength, which is partially derived from his mighty belt of giants, one whack makes a gaping and bloody wound in even a dragon's body, and crushes Atlantean steel into fine powder. Tor is still capable of throwing lighting to sear enemies at range. He is supremely able to manipulate very localised weather.

Tor is blood-brother to Loken Wotanson and Woden Käsebringer