Trilia is a parallel universe. It is fairly difficult to reach from Earth; only shrekes know the ritual to open a portal from Earth to Shrekra and only King Adia Kanash-Kar and his senior advisors know the ritual to open a portal from Shrekra to Trilia.

Trilians look a lot like humans, but with a slight greenish tint to their skin and vivid yellow eyes. Due to impurities in Trilia's atmosphere, the sky is a pale green colour and Trilian sunlight is green. Trilian's have excellent eye sight by human standards and are excellent shots, but otherwise have no unusual powers. Trilian technology is very advanced; they first field-tested powered armour in the 1930s(Earth calender) and were working on terraforming their version of Mars before the King Adia invaded in 2001(again, Earth calender).

Prior to the Shreke invasion, Trilia had no knowledge of magick whatsoever. Trilian psychics are very rare and in all known instances are weak mediums. The Trilian religion is ancestor-worship. They have had a single world government since the 1980s.