Vampire Generations

Generation 0: Dracula
Generation 1 "The Progenitors": Gabriel Iago, Elizabeth Bathory, Mircalla Karnstein, the Black Soldier, Jack the Ripper, Grigori Rasputin, (Sergeant Bently?), the Brides of Dracula
Generation 2: Children of the Progenitors. Always display the Progenitor's power.
Generation 3: Grandchildren of the Progenitors. Sometimes display the Progenitor's power. Examples: Ethan Blackwood.
Generation 4: Great-grandchildren of the Progenitors. Almost never display the Progenitor's power.
Generations 5 to 8: Never display the powers of the Progenitors.
Generation 9: Never display the powers of the Progenitors. Have been known to exhibit signs of slow decay.
Generation 10: Zombie Lords
Generations 11 and beyond: Zombies.