Victor Mbutu

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Victor Mbutu was born in 1961 in a town near Abomey in the Kingdom of Dahomey, now Benin. His parents were of the Fon people, and followers of the West African Vodon traditions. They were well off enough to afford to send Victor to school where he learned to read and write Fon, French and much later English. While he was in school he was also raised in the Vodon traditions, with hope of him becoming a Vodon priest.

In 1972, Maj. Mathieu Kérékou overthrew the ruling triumvirate of Dahomey, installing himself as President. Later that year he announced that the country was officially Marxist. In 1975, he renamed the country to People's Republic of Benin.

During his time in School, Mbutu developed a liking for sports as well as Economics. In his later years, he rose to captain a School Rugby team. It was during this that he learned how much he enjoyed both commanding others, and violence. He left School in 1979 with slightly above average grades in his BACs, but rather than continuing with his training as a Priest, he elected to enrol in Benin's army. He completed training and was commissioned as a Lieutenant in 1980, his natural Intimidating form of charisma ensuring the loyalty of his men and that he would rise steadily through the ranks. During this period, Mbutu found time to continue his Vodon studies, learning a number of rituals and curses, which he would use to ensure bad health or bad fortune would befall on any of his enemies or those who may have stood in his way for promotion. Paranoid about Magickal rituals being used in turn against him, he learned to think of himself by a new, secret name.

In 1989, Mathieu Kérékou's Marxist regime did not have money to pay its army. Riots broke out and Mbutu, now a Colonel, used his excellent skills of persuasion to gain support of much of the country's Army, with which he launched a Civil War. The USA, under the conditions that the Marxist regime would not be replaced with with one that was an ally to Islamic groups, secretly funded Mbutu's uprising. After 3 months of bloody fighting, Mbutu's army marched on the government buildings in Cotonou. Kérékou and his supporters were captured and executed and Mbutu, now calling himself General, installed himself as head of a Military Dictatorship.

With the country in a state of economic freefall, Mbutu had to do something to solidify his power base, and thus turned to illegal activity. He allowed various cartels to grow Cocaine in Benin, as well as trade in Conflict Diamonds mined in nearby Sierra Leone and Côte d'Ivoire. With this money, he paid off the loyalty of his army, had a grand palace erected for himself and his most trusted comrades, and even began to fund legitimate agricultural development and educational reform, favouring state education for young boys in Fon towns.

Some elements within Benin were not happy with the General's criminal activity, and banding together under the name of the "Beninois pour Liberté, Unité et Démocratie" (BLUD) in 1992 formed a guerilla army which fought for democracy and freedom from the drug trade. After a number of strikes against Mbutu's strongholds and the cocaine farmers in early 1994, Mbutu sent in his army to bloodily crush the rebellion. Any village which harboured or even showed sympathy to BLUD would be razed to the ground and all the villagers killed. Since then, BLUD activity has been severely lessened although there is a persistent presence in the North of the country that, despite many efforts over the years since, refuses to totally disappear.

Currently, Mbutu is the subject of trade sanctions by the UN for his part in the trade of drugs and Blood diamonds, but he has escaped charges of War Crimes despite his bloody suppression of insurgents. He has been known to live the life of the "millionaire Playboy" when he is out of the country on business, being seen semi-frequently in Deuce Hart's club in London conducting deals and enjoying the dancers.

He is usually seen in military uniform with a red beret and a number of medals which he has himself issued for various engagements in his own country. He wears mirrored sunglasses often, usually to hide the tell-tale signs of the Second Sight ritual which allows him to see by aura, even through walls. In battle, he carries a customised sighted gold AK-47, a pair of gold plated Desert Eagles, and usually paints his face with a tribal skull design.

Mbutu has never married, but has two sons from unknown mothers; Kwame, 17, and Okwan, 13.