Victor von Dunkelmorder

Victor von Dunkelmorder(1856-1945) was a vampire sorcerer who served under Hitler. He was fanatically loyal to the Fuhrer, destroying both himself and the underground facility he was in command of when he heard of Hitler's suicide. Some have speculated that his adoration of Hitler was due to unrequieted love- certainly Dunkelmorder was known to have had male lovers prior to his involvement with the Reich.

Dunkelmorder is known to have first allied himself with Hitler in 1935, placing himself at the Fuhrer's disposal. Dunkelmorder advised the Fuhrer to allow him to persue occult research seperately to Himmler and the SS. It was to Dunkelmorder that Hitler confided his lycanthropy and it was Dunkelmorder who aquired one of the nine Blitzwulfen rings for the Fuhrer's use.

At his underground Geheimnisvollkrieg Institute, Dunkelmorder worked tirelessly for his beloved Fuhrer. The most notable product of the Institute were the Knights of the Aryan Reich, a group of occult superhumans who under Dunkelmorder's direction were invaluable to the German war effort.

Other projects undertaken at the Institute included

  • The Engelmann Project: It remains unknown exactly what this was, but as late as March 1945, Dunkelmorder apparently believed it could be the key to an Axis victory. Dunkelmorder's diary was recovered by Occult Force Prime from the wreckage of the Institute. The last entry reads ""The Engelmann Project is a complete failure. The Fuhrer is dead and I cannot find his soul. My failures are inexcusable.""
  • Artifact Recovery and Weaponization: In the early days of the war, Dunkelmorder successfully retrieved many occult artifacts and was able to put them to use as part of the war effort. Later, as German advances stalled, Dunkelmorder and Himmler became increasingly antagonistic in their rivalry to obtain these relics; Dunkelmorder considering Himmler a short sighted fool for his destruction of magickal items to power the SS Zeitkommando's time travel.